Home prices are a key factor in understanding the value of a district. In this guide, we’ll look at how Alexandra’s transactions have fluctuated or grown over the past few months. 

 Median private property rental

Table of rental private property prices

Source: URA, PropertyGuru

Some of the newer launches in Alexandra are ARTRA, Margaret Ville and Stirling Residences

Median private property

Table of private property prices in Alexandra

Source: URA, PropertyGuru


Median HDB resale prices

Median HDB resale transactions in Alexandra have generally been rising in the last year, with 3-room HDB flats recording the highest median of $369,000 in Q2 2017.

Note: the data below is for the area of Queenstown which Alexandra falls under.


Median HDB rental

There has been little movement in median rents of HDB flats in Alexandra over the past year as the area remains popular with renters.

The median HDB rental transactions for Q2 2018 ranges from $1,400 to $2,800:


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In the future, Alexandra will see a stronger and more positive slant in its property. It’s a matured district with good connectivity. With the gentrification coming to Queenstown, Alexandra residents will directly benefit. With property prices on the rise, renting may become a key factor. Landlords should take the time to dress up their apartments to capitalise on this possible wave. 

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