Punggol Walk

About Punggol Walk

Punggol Walk is located in the Punggol, which is one of the oldest and famous residential areas in the Singapore. Many government housing projects have been developed in the Punggol during the 1960s. The real estate in the Punggol further boosted when it was declared Punggol 21 plus in 2007. There are 3k units 16.7k flats in the area while many new flats are under construction. There are many new developments taking place in the Punggol estate and all the amenities are present in the area. It is a great place for living and the residents can enjoy food, get health facilities and travel to anywhere in the city easily. Just like all the greatly planned HDB estates, Punggol has everything to make the lives of the residents comfortable and enjoyable. Punggol real estate market shows incredible growth and the property in the area is continuously booming, making it ideal for living and investing for commercial purposes.


There is a total of 18 blocks of HDBs available in the Punggol Walk with the minimum postal code of 821211 and maximum postal code of 828701. Many new developments have taken place since the origin of Punggol Walk. The residential developments of the area typically offer various types of units in the area. The area offers all the major facilities and features to its residents so that the residents do not have to worry about anything while residing in the area and can enjoy their lifestyle accordingly to their needs.


The residents of the Punggol Walk do not have to worry about moving to and from the Punggol Walk as it provides a great array of road and railway transport networks. The residents of the Punggol Walk can easily use bus stations near the area such as the Opp Blk 272C bus stop, Blk 272C Bus Stop, Opp Blk 268D bus stop, Blk 268C bus stop, Twin Waterfalls Bus Stop and Opp Blk 201A Bus Stop to travel to and from the location.


Furthermore, there are three MRT stations in the vicinity as well, such as Pasir Ris MRT Station, Serangoon MRT Station and Yio Chu Kang MRT Station using which the residents can move to any destination in the city or come back to their location. The residents of the Punggol Walk do not have to worry about the accessibility of the location. It does not matter if you are moving using MRT/LRT or your own car. For those who have their own cars and love to drive, the can easily reach the development as it is connected to major roads and highways of the area. 


The residents of the Punggol Walk can live a great life with their family members. Whether both parents are working or whether the family wants to enjoy, everything is easily available in the area. Punggol Walk is a great location for living together with family and has many day care centers, primary schools and secondary schools available as well in the area.


Day care centers:

  • MOE Kindergarten
  • NTUC My First Skool
  • Kid’s Kingdom Child Development and Learning Centre


Primary & Secondary schools:

  • Punggol Green Primary School
  • Edgefield Secondary School
  • Sunflower Preschool
  • SwimDolphina Aquatic School
  • Compassavale Secondary School


Punggol Walk has all the facilities to enjoy urban and modern lifestyle. The residents do not have to worry about anything in the location and can enjoy a modern urban lifestyle in the area. Everything is easily accessible in the area. Other than its strategic location, the area is surrounded with plenty of amenities. From shopping centers to parks and from entertainment centers to religious areas, the residents can enjoy everything. The area is full of notable places containing parks, dining places and shopping malls.


Recreational parks:

  • Sengkang Sculpture Park
  • The Secret Garden
  • Sengkang Sculpture Park
  • Roundabout Tree


Shopping malls:

  • Compass One
  • Waterway Point
  • Compass Point


Dine-out places:

  • Huang Hong Ji Porridge
  • That Coffee Place
  • Dough Culture
  • Lam’s


The developers in the area made sure that their developments become a landmark for future developments and attract people from all over the city. There are many other great developments in the area, making the area attractive and charming. Punggol Walk is also connected to other HDB streets such as Punggol Central, Punggol Way, Sumang Link and Punggol Field.

HDB Blocks

BLK 211B
Punggol Walk, 822211
BLK 211C
Punggol Walk, 823211
BLK 211D
Punggol Walk, 824211
BLK 212A
Punggol Walk, 821212
BLK 212B
Punggol Walk, 822212
BLK 213A
Punggol Walk, 821213
BLK 213B
Punggol Walk, 822213
BLK 213C
Punggol Walk, 823213
BLK 271A
Punggol Walk, 821271
BLK 271B
Punggol Walk, 822271