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Believe it or not – we’re already reaching the last quarter of 2021 and COVID still very much dominates our daily lives. As Singapore went through even more developments in the last month, how do you think your property seekers’ behaviours developed? 

When to Focus Your Listings

In total contrast with last month, property seekers have moved their viewing days toward Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with Friday taking a slight dip. 

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This could be attributed to some companies transitioning their workforce back into office spaces. 

Time of the day remains consistent – so, don’t forget to schedule your Auto-Repost or Auto-Boost during those timings to capture your audience!

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Where to Focus Your Listings

Commercial Listings

When we look at commercial listings, D01-08 and D12-14 continue to be popular districts – reaping in the highest view volumes on PropertyGuru Singapore. 

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However, when we look at the market gap – D19-20 has the largest, with D15-16 following very closely behind. 

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Residential Listings

Whenever we look at Residential Listings, D19-20 is always a hot contender in terms of popularity. What’s worthwhile to note is that D01-08 has been picking up interest lately too! 

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In terms of a market gap though, D22-24 take the lead with D25-28 following behind. D11,21 also seems to be experiencing a larger market gap this month! 

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