Local radio DJ Dennis Chew recently acquired a maisonette for $500,000, after spending seven long years finding the right place, as reported by AsiaOne. 

“I’ve been looking for seven years and I like houses that are very bright and this is the perfect one,” he told AsiaOne over text. 

“It’s love at first sight. I had to keep cool when I first entered but inside, I was screaming with excitement.”

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On his Instagram account, the 47-year old actor shared that he had completed the ‘groundbreaking ceremony’ for his new property. The ceremony refers to a feng shui ritual, which is usually held before renovation to ensure that it runs smoothly.

While he did not reveal where his new home is located, Chew said it is near his parents’ place. 

“I’m staying very near my parents now. They told me they will come as and when they like. I don’t mind. My mum is very chatty and sometimes loud so her voice will brighten up the house even more,” he said.

Chew also said he has no specific concept in mind for the interior design of his new abode, opting to let his interior designer surprise him.

However, he confessed that the renovation works for the property and moving-in date have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Bo bian (No choice)… everyone was affected. I just hope everything turns out good,” he said.

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