Agent partners can soon experience our enhanced AgentNet mobile app with Repost, Boost, Spotlight and Listing Performance Insights to help you manage your business and get updates anywhere, anytime.

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Our collection of Spring Forward With You articles have empowered you with more efficiency, new opportunities and higher closings. This week as we spring you forward to greater mobility, we have 2 exciting news to share with you!

We are on a continuous journey to help you run your business more efficiently. Available progressively from now till the next few weeks, more agent partners will be able to download the enhanced AgentNet mobile app so you can easily Repost, Boost, Spotlight, get Announcement updates and monitor your Listings Performance anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced AgentNet Mobile App – Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

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Packed with extensive features, improved stability and user-friendliness, the enhanced AgentNet mobile app gives you full control to manage your business 24/7, on the go. Here’s what to expect on your new AgentNet mobile app:

Brand New Visual Experience

With a clean layout displaying prominent quick links for your frequently used features on AgentNet web, we offer you greater mobility complemented with a brand new visual experience.

With a more extensive and personalised dashboard, you can now View your Ad Credits Report, Account Details, Listings’ Status and Announcements all on one place.

You can even access FastKey Projects on your mobile for new opportunities!




Create and Manage Your Listings Easily

Our new AgentNet mobile app allows you to create and manage listings hassle-free – anytime, anywhere.

To create a new listing, simply tap on the + Create New Listing widget, complete your listing details and post. For added convenience, you can opt to use curated photos from our library.



Repost, Boost and Spotlight On-The-Go

Ensure your listings are rank high at all times with a single click. Repost, Boost and Spotlight features now available on AgentNet mobile app.

Review Listings’ Performance

The higher your Listing Quality Score, the better your listing will perform and the higher your chances of securing a potential client. The new AgentNet mobile app now includes Listing Quality Score and recommendations to improve your listing.

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Review your Listing Performance on the go and stay updated on how many Impressions, Views, Messages and Leads your listing is generating. Explore Improve Your Quality Score to get customized, actionable feedback to increase the effectiveness of your listings.

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Want to know more? Read our Help Article here.

To keep you updated, PropertyGuru Academy will be conducting a series of Know Your New AgentNet App training to help you explore our new AgentNet mobile app’s awesome features.


Spring Forward to Greater Mobility – Ad Credits Amount Still Fixed!

The amount of Ad Credits to repost, Boost and Spotlight at a lower amount since the start of 2020 has been extended further until 31 August 2020!

See our full suite of Spring Forward With You offerings here.

Let’s spring forward to more success and new heights together!

– PropertyGuru Team