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Previously, we sprung you forward to more efficiency and new opportunities. In this issue, let’s look at how we can help you achieve higher closings.

We know being a property agent is not easy and sometimes it takes several months to close a deal. Below is a highly simplistic view of how a typical property transaction looks like:

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What if after securing a buyer, you could close your sale faster and earn bonus Ad Credits at the same time? This starts a positive sales cycle where you can:

  • Speed up your sales process
  • Focus your attention on closing more sales
  • Have more Ad Credits to bring more exposure for other listings

Let’s see how PropertyGuru Finance can make this happen for you!

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PropertyGuru Finance Gives You Higher Closings And More Rewards

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Or get in touch with your Personal Home Loan Assistant here!

More Exposure For Your Listings With These Awesome Spring Forward Offers!

Get a head start towards closing more deals. Maximize your listings’ exposure and generate more leads with these offers.

  • Ad Credits Amount Still Fixed

    The amount of Ad Credits to repost, Boost and Spotlight at a lower amount since the start of 2020 has been extended until 31 July 2020! Find out more here.

  • Over 20% Savings on Ad Credits and Featured Agents

    Get Featured Agents at 20% off plus additional discount on your Ad Credits if you have an active Auto-Repost booking. Ad Credits from as low as $0.47/credit, and valid until 31 July 2020. Find out more today.

With the increase in property searches, agents are leveraging on this to maximise their listings exposure. Since CB Phase 2, we’re seeing a growth of 3X more Boost users! Head over to AgentNet and be part of the action today.

We hope that you feel empowered to achieve higher closings through PropertyGuru! Check out our full offerings for Spring Forward With You here.

Next up, we’re springing you forward with mobility – so you can achieve success anytime, anywhere!

Stay tuned, and stay safe.

– PropertyGuru Team