Throughout the years of consulting residential Feng Shui, the most frequent question I get asked is: “Master, are there any Feng Shui solutions to get rich?” To answer this question, Feng Shui isn’t a quick fix way to better health, wealth or that much coveted job promotion.

Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of creating harmony between humans and their surrounding environment. Excellent Feng Shui puts you in the right frame of mind to strive for success through careful selection of one’s external environment and methodical changes to one’s living space.

Ideal Feng Shui conditions encourage harmonious relationships with your loved ones and business partners to attract wealth and correctly identify moneymaking opportunities around you.

I am sure property agents are asked on a regular basis if the house they are selling has “good Feng Shui”. Prospective clients hope that their investment will bring wealth, growth and happiness. Therefore, to add credibility to your sales pitch, you must know what to look out for in a house.

Potential home buyers can also use the information from this article to formulate the right questions that will get them appropriate help from agents who can suggest a suitable Feng Shui location.   

Here are some Feng Shui must-know facts to identifying a home that will attract wealth energies.


Home’s main entry faces an auspicious direction

In Feng Shui, it is recommended to select a house that faces North or South. Furthermore, these two directions are deemed auspicious from now till 2063. Besides these two ideal geomantic orientations, homeowners can also select an orientation that complements their Bazi.

Spacious and comfortable living room

In most cases, the main entry point of the home, be it the main door or window, leads to the living room. Hence, the living room should be spacious because it functions as the vessel of auspicious energies for the home.

To define “spacious”, we aren’t necessarily zeroing in on square footage.  Rather, we are talking about interior design and furniture arrangement. Does the living room feel cosy and inviting? That is the question that homeowners should consider.

Furthermore, a comfortable living room encourages family members to gather together for stronger relationships. Additionally, it is recommended to organise social gatherings at one’s home as it creates a vibrant atmosphere that attracts business and wealth opportunities.

Window openings allow for sunlight and fresh air to enter the home

Look at the windows of the house. Does it allow for abundant sunlight to enter the home? Natural lighting is an important consideration in interior Feng Shui. Sunlight is yang energy; it vitalises our physical and mental well-being. Yang energy also creates optimism and higher energy levels, which are precursors to harmonious relationships that shall lead to wealth opportunities.

From a Feng Shui perspective, it is also recommended that windows are kept open occasionally to maintain good ventilation. This shall in turn, ensure smooth qi flow and invite additional auspicious energies into the household.

Identifying the home’s wealth position  

If you are a layman who wishes to find out the house’s wealth position, all you need is a compass – to measure house orientation and then refer to the table below to identify the wealth position.

Activating the home’s wealth position

After you have successfully determined the wealth position, place a coin bank there. Then, select an auspicious date and timing to make a wish with an ancient coin, which is to be placed into the coin bank. Subsequently, continue to deposit coins in the coin bank on a regular basis to garner steady wealth energies.

In addition to that, you can also display a crystal bowl in this wealth sector as it is a symbol of wealth storage and smooth progress in all matters. Better still if you place a bowl made of citrine, as this mineral is known to help with wealth expansion and accumulation.   

Your mentality and relationships matter the most

Wealth attraction methods in Feng Shui are based on the principles of building harmonious bonds and maintaining smooth flow of auspicious energies within the household. At the end of the day, the homeowner’s mindset and relationship quality are the keys to unlocking their wealth potential. Feng Shui provides us with the ladder to ascend to the top. We must do the climbing ourselves.


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