The placement of home furniture can improve your love life.

There are several basic Feng Shui principles newlyweds can adopt to build a long-lasting marriage.

When two individuals decide to bring their relationship to the next level, which is to get married, settle down and share a home, it is very important that they build a solid foundation in their early stage of family life to have a loving and long-lasting marriage.

There are many ways to improve romance among young couples, including honest communication between husband and wife, sharing the same hobbies as well as other considerations. However, not many people are aware that Feng Shui can improve romance among young couples.

Main entrance

The main entrance of a house is the opening that all family members and visitors will use to enter and exit the premises. In the process, energy from outside the house is being brought into the home. The main entrance is therefore considered as the most important part of a house.

Now that we have established where the main entrance is, the next step is to determine the Gua number. A Gua number refers to the single digit that is derived by calculating your date of birth to determine the ‘luckiest’ and ‘unluckiest’ sector in a home. This helps to create the good energy in one’s favourable sector while mitigating bad energy or afflictions from the unlucky sector.

The point of reference for the location of the main entrance is the Gua number of the eldest earning male of the family. In this article, it will be based on the husband’s Gua number. To improve the romance of a young couple, the most effective arrangement is having the door located in the harmony sector. This sector varies according to the Gua number. Below is the chart of harmony and other good sectors for each Gua number.

To define the location of the main entrance, you first need to find the centre point of your house. Then, stand at the centre point with a compass to find out the location of the main entrance.

Feng Shui Graph

Master bedroom

What if the main entrance doesn’t fall within the harmony sector based on the husband’s Gua number, but in other good sectors? Fret not as this is considered alright. In this case, you can apply it based on the location of the master bedroom, but the point of reference is the lady of the house. 

Again, stand at the centre of the house to find out whether the master bedroom falls within the harmony sector or not. If it does, then you can go further by standing in the centre of the master bedroom. While doing this, ensure that the bed is placed at the harmony sector of the wife.

And what about the bathroom? In the past, toilets were located outside the house. However, with urbanisation and changing lifestyle needs, the toilet has now ended up in the bedroom as the master bath. While this may seem convenient, you must avoid the door of the bathroom hitting the bed.

Finally, let’s talk about the placement of the bed. While it is very common to have overhead beams in the master bedroom, you should avoid placing the bed under these beams as it exerts negative energy. As we spend most of our time in the bedroom, imagine the negative energy a couple will absorb when sleeping under such beams. This negative energy may cause nightmares or affect sleep quality. When the couple does not have quality sleep, they start to become temperamental towards each other. This then affects the harmony of the home.


In Feng Shui, the kitchen is an essential segment that we use to create wealth and minimise quarrels within the family. This sector is based on the Gua number of the wife and it can fall into any of the good sectors (refer to the chart above).

In the kitchen, the essential items are the stove, sink, fridge, oven and other electrical appliances. It is best to place them according to the good sectors based on the Gua number of the lady of the house.

How do you find out the location of certain placements in the house? The right way to do this is by standing at the centre point of a space. Stand at the centre of the kitchen, then define the good sector accordingly. 

It is very common for most households to have the stove and sink opposite each other for convenience. However, this is very bad in terms of Feng Shui.  In the kitchen, you shouldn’t place the stove and sink either opposite or next to each other. Doing so will have negative repercussions as it encourages you to have quarrels regularly.

De-cluttering the house

The front entrance should be free of obstruction. Ensure shoes are neatly arranged or place them in a shoe cabinet.

What should you do if either your husband or wife refuses to get rid of sentimental items? Is this good in terms of Feng Shui to improve the romance?  It is not. This is because these are considered non-living items which then produce decaying energy. Therefore, too much of such items in your house will have an adverse effect. If you really want to keep them, ensure that you place them neatly in a cabinet and avoid placing the cabinet in the harmony sector of the couple.

In conclusion, as much as we want to have a perfect relationship with the other half, remember to stay positive and take affirmative action. This is to ensure you have continued positive results and harmony in your marriage and love life.

Feng Shui

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