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Halloween inspired interior design is often gimmicky and full of way too many pumpkins, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of going for the obvious decorations like spider webs, skeletons and witches’ hats, try to embody the spirit of Halloween in a way that is evocative yet suitable for the rest of the year.

By Angelica Chong

WEDA Studio Inc1. Be bold with red

Red is a volatile colour that can potentially cheapen the look of a house, but when used properly, it can add a pop of much-needed boldness to any interior design. Instead of going overboard with red furniture or red walls, position the red colour strategically throughout your home by putting up artwork like the one pictured above, or through accent pieces like cushions, vases and photo frames.  

Designer Ong Xue Li from WEDA StudioInc concurs, advising homeowners to “take note of the contrast” and not to neglect “details for walls, lighting, curtains/louvres and furniture selections”. For this design, “a mixture of darker wood grains and unique lamination” was chosen for a modern feel. The strong red colour was integrated seamlessly by matching it with similarly warm-toned hues like yellow-golden lighting, tan or brown furniture, and rich fabrics like silk for your upholstery.  

Interior designer: WEDA StudioInc

space_vision (1)2. Use monochromatic visual centrepieces

Orange might be Halloween’s official colour, but there’s something about stark black and white visual centrepieces (especially if they’re as ornate as the ones pictured) that scream classic horror.

In this design, a grand and intricate chandelier, made in black for extra intensity, is paired with a crystallised bust of a horse and a zebra-patterned couch to create a look that is almost overwhelming in its potency. However, the minimalist monochromatic colour scheme ensures that the design is coherent, and not a jumbled mess of ornaments.

One piece of advice from Winnie Lim and Arean Wong from Space Vision Design is that homeowners “must be able to accept and style with more daring designer pieces”. In the case of this design, for example, “the wall was hacked to be able to see the pond outside, allowing for a more open feel”.

Interior designer: Space Vision Design



3. Get a good night’s rest 

If you want to experiment with a more underused colour scheme, ditch the purple and go for cool grey and blue tones instead. With a pale wood-textured accent wall and gold highlights to contrast with the other darker grey-blue walls, this design is less The Conjuring and more of a peaceful retreat. Furthermore, as Cadine Lim from Prozfile puts it, the “heavy contrast between the main and side carcass allows for unclutteredness” and gives the room a “strong character”.  

Interior designer: Prozfile  

darwin4. Muted darkness 

Halloween-inspired decor doesn’t always have to be frightening. In fact, one can design a room that’s both muted and welcoming by drawing inspiration from the typical Halloween colour scheme of pumpkin orange and witchy purple. These two contrasting colours go well together because their high contrast creates an especially vibrant and eye-catching look.  

Furthermore, Darwin Interior’s Violet Kang points out that with darker rooms, you want to “keep the ceilings or certain walls white to provide a contrast and also ample surfaces for reflecting light”. To keep your bedroom cosy, she also recommends using “warm lighting colours instead of white light”.   

Interior designer: Darwin Interior   

design4space5. Glow orange

Suffuse your home with warmth by investing in some yellow-toned lights. Yes, this comforting scene doesn’t exactly scream Halloween, but we’re merely taking inspiration from the holiday, not trying to scare ourselves in our own home.  

Vincent Chuah from Design 4 Space emphasises that “interior design should magically make guests feel warm and transfer the interior into a sanctuary, and this cosy glowing lighting perfectly epitomises the warm, inviting mood”. Add some edge to your design by playing with geometric bulb-holders and textured wood walls.  

Interior designerDesign 4 Space  

spaciousplanner6. Subtle surrealism 

As any horror fan would know, some of our worst fears are psychological in nature; think looming eyes and weird shapes that have no place in the natural world. Of course, no one wants to be scared out of their wits every time they go home, so tone down the fear factor by using statement pieces like surrealist artwork and deep, rich colours to subtly reference your eerier inspirations.  

Johan from Spacious Planners reveals that “what often contradicts, can also complement each other” and that “the key is to balance the dark interior with splashes of bright colours, metallic accessories and soft furnishings”. He also urges homeowners to be “a little edgier with dark colour choices” to create “a bold interior that speaks its own language”, for example in this particular design, which was inspired by a fusion of East and West that reflected the homeowners’ background. 

Interior designer: Spacious Planners 

Article and images contributed by HomeRenoGuru and Nippon Paint.

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