Smart home living

 Turning your home into a smart space is no longer a dream.

Imagine turning on your home’s air-conditioner from the office so that it’s just the right temperature when you return from a long day’s work, or a refrigerator which re-orders groceries so that you’ll never run out of your favourite cereal. Imagine no more with these basic tips on how to turn your home into a smart home.

1) Smart appliances

If your refrigerator doesn’t take photos of what remains inside so that you can schedule your orders online, or some of your non-smart appliances are not plugged into smart switches so that you can operate them with a touch of a button on your phone, you may be living in the dark ages. Go further and plan your vacuum cleaner and washing machine to turn on even when you’re not home. Brands such as LG and Samsung have created smart household appliances which can make your life easier and more manageable.

2) Smart fixtures

Ever wanted the room lights to turn on the moment you walked in without Smart tips for a smart home having to fumble for the switches? Phillips, Lifx and even IKEA carry Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs which can do just that. Do note to check with your local electrical capabilities. Also, some of the products may only be available online.

3) Smart assistants

Life can be hectic sometimes, so when a device comes along which can help to organise your business and social schedules, know when to turn on your smart appliances so that when you get home you have a hot meal to sit down to and your favourite television show to watch, life may just be more relaxing. Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home are just two smart assistants available in the market.

4) Smart security

The sanctity of your home can be well-protected with the right digital locks and motion-sensitive security cameras. Send out temporary access to guests via SMS or get a barrier across the bottom of the door frame for added security whilst still being able to unlock your door using smart watches. Companies such as August, Yale and Haven are some of the reputable brands to consider.

With such gadgets, turning your home into a smart space is no longer a dream. Automation is finally here. So, if you exercise caution and update your passwords and devices regularly, then it’s time for smart living.


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