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With minimalist and industrial trends gaining popularity in interior design, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish someone’s living room from a café. However, some property owners aren’t afraid to set their homes apart with unique designs. Whether it’s adding statement furniture, wall fixtures or bold colour themes, these outstanding home designs will draw you in, and take you to another world.


1) Industrial meets contemporary

Interior designer

Interior designer: Vegas Interior

This industrial meets contemporary design exudes an eclectic edge. The statement red chair gives the white interior a bold pop of colour. To maximise space in a small living room, opt for a hammock and bean bag chairs instead of a sofa, and you’ll have a relaxing chill-out spot.

“Minor black, white and light wood tones are best for this mix of designs. Modern furniture that ensures comfort, wood design in neutral tones that go well with many designs. Matte cinches in grey that plays a part in the industrial design, matte black on the thread lights,” recommends Patrick Seeto from Promax Design.



2) Parisian chic

Interior designer D5 studio

Interior designer: D5 Studio Image

This chic room is decorated in the style of a Parisian boudoir, complete with trendy shades of grey and white that complement each other perfectly. The choice of a unique light fixture and lamp break the monotony of the room, infusing it with a softer flow. The stunning wallpaper that depicts a city nightscape is alluring and contemporary – why not pick something out of the ordinary that will wow your guests?

To achieve this look, NorthWest Interior Design suggests that homeowners should “definitely focus on white and some luxurious elements in terms of the bedframe and maybe leather furnishings. A unique wallpaper is very important in tying the whole design scheme together.”

3) A fusion of modern and eclectic

Interior designer

Interior designer: NorthWest Interior Design

All-white homes are a dime a dozen, which makes this eclectic and contemporary home so rare. If covering your home in colours that clash isn’t daring, what is? Equal parts wacky and intriguing, this modern interior screams confidence and style. The neutral-toned sofa and table stop the space from going into overdrive and keep the home classy.

“A good choice would be dark green and dark blue similar to the shade of the ocean. Homeowners can choose to play this up in terms of the lighting as well. A more daring couch or a big standing lamp that is the focal point of this unique design. Wallpaper or paintings that aren’t of a uniform design are also a good way to jazz up the design,” suggests Yang Ming Hui from Luova Project Services.

4) All wood

Interior designer

Interior designer: Earth Interior Design

Featuring wood panels that match the colour scheme of the entire room, and a simple ceiling fan with complementary wooden blinds, this Japanese minimalist style home is simple, cozy and dreamy. Sometimes, less is more. To keep an all-wood home well-maintained, Leron Neo from Gallery Interior Design suggests keeping the wood dry. “Make sure not to spill stubborn liquids on it as it will be difficult to remove the stains. Install curtains that can protect the wood against sunlight.”

5) Victorian class

Interior designer

Interior designer: Impression Design Firm

Immediately eye-catching with its swathes of floral furniture, this Victorian-style home is a tribute to the splendour of the era. The star of the room – the floral patterned furniture, is complemented by soft white walls and flooring that melds together for a quaint picture. A princess-style bed with bedsheets printed with English roses is one that’s truly befitting of royalty. To top it all off, the room is lighted by a white crystal chandelier, and a floral light fixture in the bedroom.

“For Victorian designs, there’s definitely a focus on white and maybe black, depending on the homeowner. In terms of furnishing, space plays an important role, so as to not make the room look too cluttered,” advises Jasper Gan from ID Department.

6) Island living

Interior designer

Interior designer: Luova Project Services

When your home is painted in a shade of blue as soft as this home, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the sandy, idyllic islands of Bali and Phuket. Decked out with cushions that add a pop of bright colour, this home’s hint of industrial chic in its ceiling fixtures keeps things stylish yet homely.

“What’s important are the materials and space planning – more wooden elements, and don’t get modern lighting. Cosy and warm colour schemes such as pastels are recommended as well. Hanging lights instead of ceiling lights can be incorporated into the bathroom too,” shares Dave Wee from D5 Studio Image.

Home can be a sanctuary we retire to after a long day, or somewhere that allows us to escape from reality. With a little imagination and help from your interior designers, you can create your own private dream world too.


Article and images contributed by HomeRenoGuru and Nippon Paint.

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