Flowers not only brighten up your home, but also strengthen family bonds. 

From stunning gemstones to beautiful art and plants, here’s our list of good luck symbols to attract health and wealth into your life.

We commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8 every year. While some may use the occasion to express their love and friendship, let us not forget the ongoing strive for gender equality. Rightfully so, the modern woman is no longer confined to her home. She is both a careerist and matriarch.

On her journey towards a successful career and harmonious family, having that boost in luck certainly won’t hurt. As New York Times best-selling author and economics columnist Robert H. Frank wrote, “In almost every case, a substantial measure of luck is necessary.”

In this article, we reveal several auspicious emblems that can boost your luck in health, relationships and career.

The greatest wealth is health

It is great that you are garnering achievements at work and enjoying excellent relationships with your family. However, you need to be in the pink of health to benefit from the fruits of your labour and keep up the good fight.

The emblems listed below are said to have health-boosting properties, and can help keep the energetic you in optimal condition.

Black Cat’s Eye: A symbol of longevity and strength, this sleek gemstone aids in eliminating fatigue and stress to maintain good emotional health. Black Cat’s Eye is a grounding stone that helps surround its user with protective energy to ward off negativity.

Tridacna Gigas Shell: Among its many curative functions, this healing gemstone helps strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, and promotes emotional stability and concentration. This glossy organic gemstone can also aid in the accumulation of wealth.

Landscape paintings: Displaying scenic portraits in the living room can help soothe the emotions. This can in turn reduce the likelihood of household conflicts and promote good health.

Plants: In feng shui, plants are a symbol of good health. Besides removing harmful pollutants from the air, they ensure smooth flow of qi for better luck. For peak enhancement, plants should face the Xun direction (127.5° – 142.5°). Avoid using sago palms as these plants are unconducive to smooth qi flow, reducing the benefits of positive energies.

Family is everything

If you ask someone to define the word “relationship”, chances are you will get a response that has romantic connotations to it. But, did you know that in feng shui, relationship luck, or tao hua, specifically refers to interpersonal connections? Excellent tao hua luck translates to exceptional communication skills and strong bonds with those around you.

Display relationship-enhancing items at your relationship sector for best results. You can identify your sector using the table below.


Zodiac Sign


Thereafter, place the enhancement symbols listed below in your auspicious sector for improved harmony.

Flowers: As a symbol of positivity, flowers are used to affirm social connections. They also contain strong healing energies, and are beneficial to promoting strong family ties.

Family photos: Hang family photos in common areas of the house, such as the living and dining room. Pictures that present a united front can influence family members to maintain amicability on a subconscious level.

Pearls: Denoting purity and love, the pearl can encourage closer family bonds and better relationships. Furthermore, this white gemstone can help increase self-confidence and charisma to benefit your career endeavours.

Climbing the ladder of success

A career is another important aspect of a modern woman’s life. Last year, Hillary Clinton shattered the glass ceiling in US politics by becoming the first female presidential nominee of any major political party. The sky’s the limit for you when it comes to achieving success in your industry. Use the following career-enhancing symbols to aid you on your path to corporate success.

Citrine: This gemstone contains qualities that can help bring your career to the next level. Aiding in the promotion of determination and willpower, it can also help maintain emotional equilibrium to elevate your career prowess and bring out your inner potential.

Stone ornaments: Stones represent Yang Earth, which signifies support and stability. Place stone ornaments at the North (career) sector to help activate positive energies that can provide balance to and bolster your career prospects.

Water fountain: Flowing water connotes unhindered qi flow, which is conducive for good feng shui. Increase the likelihood of attracting benefactors to your side with an inward flowing fountain to symbolise incoming resources. Place this fountain at the sector where the Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star resides to usher in benefactors. In 2017, this star is located at the West sector.

Stay well-organised for success

Besides using emblems to help you attain success, you should practice these lifestyle choices. First, it is essential that you keep your living space clutter-free to ensure good qi circulation. After all, you can only benefit from these positive energies if it is flowing smoothly. Also, colour is an important consideration in feng shui. According to Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong of Way Fengshui Group, the auspicious colours for 2017 are blue and green. Incorporate these colours in your choice of furniture, accessories and paint for all-round prosperity in the Fire Rooster Year. Here’s wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day!

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