Condos pass by-laws to curb short-term rentals

Romesh Navaratnarajah8 Feb 2017


The government is considering creating a new building-use category for private homes whose owners wish to offer their property for short-term rent. 

In light of the growing number of homes offered for short-term rentals, the management committees of some condominiums have taken matters into their own hands by passing by-laws aimed at preventing the misuse of apartments, reported TODAYonline.

The measures taken include forcing residents to present tenancy agreements, placing notices of short-term rental guidelines at lifts and lift lobbies, and limiting access to the condominium through the main lobby.

On Monday (6 February), Parliament passed laws that disallows the use of private homes for short-term stay, effectively making it illegal for owners to rent out their property via online homestay portals like Roomorama and Airbnb, reported Channel NewsAsia.

National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, however, revealed plans to create a new building-use category for private homes whose owners wish to offer their property for short-term rent. He noted that the authorities are also looking at reducing the six-month minimum rental period.

“But whatever adjustments we may make to this minimum period, it is clear that we will not accommodate residential homes that are put up for daily rental,” said Wong.

“Such premises which are rented out daily ought to be regulated more like hotels rather than residential homes, and should be subject to relevant license and conditions to ensure proper standards.”

In a separate report by Channel NewsAsia, Airbnb said while it is “committed to working with the government to adopt a model of home-sharing that works for Singapore”, it is disappointed that discussion on the issue has not moved forward.


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Feb 08, 2018
Inconvenience to residents and security issues aside, allowing "home-sharing/daily rentals" artificially inflates home prices as investors bid up home prices in return for rental yield/income. This either unfairly deprives families from owning a property for own-stay and/or burdens them with a larger mortgage.
kelchi gram
Feb 04, 2018
@peter peters - wholeheartedly agree. Renting out condo rooms on a daily basis is not in the spirit of "homesharing" at all. Just greedy landlords making use of the concept and inconveniencing / disturbing true residents and long term tenants. More enforcement please!!
Peter Peters
Jan 08, 2018
I would not want an ever changing flow of people nobody knows sneaking around my apartment or my kids. In addition, nobody will explain them condo by-laws and rules, and nothing can be done if the flout these rules or make noise or are a nuisance. For example, nobody will prevent single travelers from bringing in prostitutes to the facilities or premises for partying. Even with long term residents/owners, security guards at condos can barely enforce rules, why should overarch tourists care about warnings by the guards if they very well know they will be gone in a few days. We live here to work and/or go to school the next day, and not to party while on a holiday. In addition, more and more prostitution rings are run out of HDB flats and condos. Just go to Locanto and pretend you want to "book" one of the china prostitutes advertised. Very likely you will be directed to an HDB flat or a condo unit. I definitely don't want a vice den next door.
free tibet
Feb 09, 2017
hahaha Singapore Hoteliers Association (aka Lobby Group) - greedy spoil brats must be whining and throwing tantrums cos they've got no innovation nor creativity.
Albert Tan
Feb 08, 2017
Home stay concept may be acceptable for landed properties but definitely not for HDB or condos as it is take away hotel biz and does only attracts the lower quality tourist here. We need upkeep , upclass the tourist here to maintain a highest class of standard in a small over-populated country.
Feb 08, 2017
I guess the Singapore Hoteliers Association (aka Lobby Group) made enough noise or wayang.
Feb 08, 2017
Home sharing is a kind of saving and should be allowed subject to certain guidelines and licenses. It also offers a unique experience to tourists by living with Singaporean families in truly Singapore style homes. Can have a look at how other countries, say US, UK, Japan regulate such business and learn some from them.

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