Keat Hong Close residents irked by Sigma lift breakdowns

Keshia Faculin28 Dec 2017

Residents at Block 805D, Keat Hong Close in Choa Chu Kang will have to share one lift until at least January as the other lift had to be shut down for repair since 27 November, reported The Straits Times.

The long wait comes as Sigma Elevator, the lift’s manufacturer, does not have the required spare parts in stock. Moreover, the parts will have to be shipped, instead of air-flown, due to their size and weight.

The residents who had just started moving into their flat around mid-2016 were surprised to see the relatively new lifts malfunction so often.

Alan Peng, who lives on the 18th storey, shared that the lifts had encountered multiple problems since he moved in May last year.

“There were smaller issues like doors not being able to close, which takes one or two days to repair, to breakdowns like the latest one, which is the worst so far,” said the 46-year-old technical manager in the chemical industry.

Meanwhile, the Chua Chu Kang Town Council revealed that it had been working with the lift manufacturer to hasten the shipping process of the required lift parts.

The town council had been initially informed by Sigma on 15 December that it needs until February to restore Lift A’s services. However, repairs at the lift are now expected to be completed in January.

Sigma had been banned by HDB from tendering for new projects since October 2015 due to its poor lift performance.

The town council had also requested Sigma to have a standby team on site 24 hours every day until Lift A resumes operation, given the increased load expected for Lift B.

But the move failed to impress some residents.

“It is no use providing a 24-hour hotline (to report breakdowns), what we want is 24-hour safety and lift service,” said a retired hawker, who wanted to be identified only as Mr. Lim. The 70-year old man visits the block every day to look after his grandchildren.


This article was edited by Keshia Faculin.


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