6 ways to design a large home

8 Nov 2017

In a city where homes are typically small, buying a large home in Singapore is in a way, going against the grain. However, property seekers quickly realise that a large home not only offer positive resale value, but also allows you to do more at home. You have more room to entertain several guests at a time and still have dedicated spaces for personal interests.

Many people believe that a large home is difficult to design and furnish, but it doesn’t have to be. Here, we’ve put together six interior design options that let you utilise your large space well while infusing it with style.

1. Focus on streamlined contemporary furnishings

For up-to-date ideas, consider the contemporary style, which reflects the current trends in interior design. Contemporary colours that suit large homes are sophisticated pastel hues like beige, ivory, grey and taupe. These neutral colours are excellent for creating a sense of warmth in large spaces without shrinking the space visually. For this scheme to work, layer on different shades of the colours into the space. Keep the walls light and use darker hues like gray – go for grey with a warm undertone – for the furniture upholstery.

Bedok Residences

Bedok Residences

Contemporary furnishings also do well in large spaces. With slim, streamlined furniture, you can accommodate more than the essential seating options. Living spaces are also able to retain its sense of openness at the same time. In addition to the sofa, you can add a pair of armchairs or ottomans in the living area. A contemporary idea for incorporating visual texture to neutral hues is the use of geometric patterns. So introduce geometric patterns for visual interest by way of patterned upholstery, cascading lights, abstract artwork or a dynamic feature wall.  

2. Look to mid-century modern ideas

Are you a design enthusiast with a penchant for mid-century modern design? A design style that thrived from the 1930s to the 1960s, it has exceptional staying power. Its ideas can be adopted in a large home with ease too. The design movement championed clean simplicity, and it was often paired with nature.

Open-concept homes – where the living area, dining area and kitchen merge – are perfect for this interior design option because it celebrates open living. While clean lines are a hallmark, the style does not shy away from colours totally. Many iconic mid-century modern furniture like the Egg chair wear vibrant hues. So, embrace fun colours like red, orange and turquoise, along with the fluid lines of mid-century modern design.



Because simplicity is the essence, keep furniture to a minimum. If you love to entertain guests, you might want ample seating options in the home. Go for an extra long sofa in the living room to minimise the number of armchairs and keep the space uncluttered. Avoid complex display units and other built-in furnishings. As for art, go for unassuming abstract art or calligraphy works. 

3. Make a statement with touches of glamour

Loft apartments are appealing to many property seekers in Singapore. With a loft above the main living space, the home projects an airy, expansive feel. It’s this quality that can make it challenging to design at times. That said, there are many ways to approach the interior design of a loft. One of them is to adopt industrial design ideas for that New York loft look. This may be trendy. But with its emphasis on raw surfaces like concrete and bricks, it may look worn over time. A glitzy concept is a timeless design option.

Marine Blue

Marine Blue

Loft apartments naturally come with soaring ceilings. In homes that have a smaller floor area in the living area, a great way to counter that visually is to opt for light colours like white, off-white and light grey for built-in furnishings and large furniture. Glossy finishes reflect light and are suitable for dimly lit areas under the loft. To accentuate the ceiling height, go for dramatic hanging lights. Instead of a large piece of lighting, a cluster of hanging lights does more by scaling the volume down and imbuing the space with a sense of cosiness. Lastly, layer on textures for hints of glamour, so invest in a pile rug for the living area.

4. Introduce soft metallic finishes for an understated luxe look

Many interior designers would agree that soft metallic finishes are among their favourite interior design tools for large spaces. Copper and gold tones bring warmth and cosiness to spaces like the living area, dining area and bedroom. The soft sheen subtly reflects light so that the space remains visually open. To use these finishes, consider placing metallic furniture or wall finishes close to the windows. Light filtering into the space tends to highlight the textures.

Sky Habitat

Sky Habitat

Metallic finishes can certainly amp up the interior design. Having several furniture pieces in the same metallic hue, however, can make the space appear dated and dull. Instead, incorporate furniture in a variety of colours like silver, grey, bronze and copper. This gives it a young and vibrant yet graceful ambience. You can also introduce small doses of shiny metallic surfaces into the mix.

5. Introduce old-world touches or contemporary designs inspired by past eras

Getting the scale right is essential in designing large spaces. Roomy furnishings associated with mansions in eras gone by are suited for the proportions of large apartments. So, check out inspiring interiors in movies like Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby for ideas. When choosing a sofa, opt for a plush sofa with generous proportions. It not only anchors the space, but also acts as a divider between the living area and dining area.

The Interlace

The Interlace

A ten- or 12-seater dining table plays to the proportions of a large home, and adds to the old-world allure. Other details that can be added to the interior are wall mouldings, cornices on the ceiling, decorative door frames and textured wall-coverings. When choosing accessories, homeowners can explore traditional European styles like Mediterranean, French chateau and Italian villa. As for fabrics, go for heavier upholstery like velvet and leather to evoke an upscale feel. However, avoid patterned fabrics. It will prevent the space from looking stuffy when paired with the other traditional elements. Finally, warm lighting is a must to bring the whole ambience to life.

6. Adopt a dark palette for a masculine-looking interior

Unlike small homes, large living spaces can take on any colour scheme. You don’t have to worry that it would end up looking small. Dark colours thrive in large homes. When executed properly, a dark colour scheme can contribute to the ambience by playing off textures. Consider, for example, a masculine palette of dark brown, black and grey for a gentleman’s club style for your bachelor pad.

Victoria Park Villas

Victoria Park Villas

How can you ensure that the dusky colours don’t overpower the space? The secret is in ensuring balance by introducing accent colours. Throw pillows in light colours or muted shades of blue, orange and light brown can soften the space. Be conscious of balancing the look with plenty of lighting. You can do so with a carefully planned lighting strategy or access to natural light. Not forgetting, soup the space up with the latest audiovisual systems and gadgets for a tech-savvy home. 


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