Demolition of Rochor Centre may affect surrounding properties

Keshia Faculin24 Oct 2017

The demolition works for Rochor Centre, a public housing estate in the Bugis area dating back to the 1970s, will start early next year to make way for the new expressway.

Demolition specialists expect the upcoming demolition of Rochor Centre to negatively affect its surrounding properties, reported The Straits Times.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has confirmed that the demolition works for Rochor Centre will start early next year, with the contractor using a method that complies with the code of practice for demolition.

The method not only recommends good practice methods for safe demolition of buildings and structures, it also takes into account environmental issues.

Tay Hing Heng, a demolition specialist at contractor Rock Busters, expect the demolition to take between three and six months.

“Generally, the conventional method for demolishing buildings here involves using excavators, concrete breakers and crushers to hack away from the top floor to the bottom,” he said. “It can take around half a year for something the size of Rochor Centre, if the contractor carries out the works concurrently at all four blocks.”

However, Tay noted that the demolition of the iconic buildings will inevitably have negative effects on the surrounding properties, such as noise and dust.

“Rochor Centre is right next to several buildings and the area around it has high human traffic. Dust and noise can be controlled through measures such as using water sprinklers and barriers, but they can only do so much.”

Nestled on a 13,749 sq m site, the multi-coloured estate will be torn down to make way for the North-South Expressway, which is set to be completed in 2026.

LTA has awarded the demolition tender to contractor Aik Sun Demolition and Engineering.


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