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In Feng Shui perspective, it is recommended for your sofa to have a backing (eg against the wall). The presence of the backing is to attract benefactors who will support and help you at work and in life. You will also feel more secure when the sofa is anchored against the wall.
Alternatively, you could also have a shoe rack or cabinet behind your sofa. The preference is for these items to be higher than your sofa so they act as a “mountain” that provides you the sense of security.

With no backing at the sofa, it causes unstable energy behind your back which causes volatility to your luck. Due to space constraint reasons, if the above is not possible, you can have 2 tall plants at the side of your sofa instead.

For your information, a good Feng Shui house is based on (1) external environmental factors (eg no ‘sha’ influences), (2) internal structure of the unit (eg no missing corners), (3) the balance of yin-yang and more. The benefit of a Feng Shui audit is to help you stay in harmony with your environment.

A comprehensive Feng Shui audit can help you accurately assess the house and resolve any issues if there are. Our audit will include recommendation for your sofa placement during our on-site visit. Should you like to find out more, you may approach us for a non-obligatory call to assist you. Do feel free to WhatsApp us at: wa.me/6588687686 or see more at www.yuanzhongsiu.com.

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