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Light bulbs and curtains are fittings.

Fittings are considered a personal property because they are not permanently attached to the land, hence are not a real property and will not be passed down to the successor.

Fittings or chattels personal are movable tangible articles such as carpets, curtains and so on.

As such, they can be removed.

As long as you have items that are fixed to the walls such as lightings, air-conditioning system, kitchen cabinets and so on, it cannot be removed by the seller and must be sold with the property. There is no need to sign any agreement.

However, the buyer will need to inspect the flat to check that the flat is in order and delivered to the buyer with vacant possession before the resale completion.

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It depends on the inventory list that was originally agreed upon mentioned in the OTP.

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1) Your agent should be able to advise.
2) In general, you suppose to discuss with the buyer on things to remove and leave behind, list and sign in the OTP inventory list.
3) All fixtures are supposed to leave untouched. Buyers have no right to request to remove. Fixtures are items that are customized installed such as kitchen cabinets, bedrooms' wardrobes, bathtubs, toilet bowls, etc.
4) The usual practice is for sellers to leave anything that needs tools to remove behind unless clearly stated that they wish to bring along with them.
5) Light bulbs and curtains are considered fittings that can be removed or leave behind.
6) It is better that you discuss with the buyer before removing. Buying and selling a house supposed to be a happy matter, try to avoid unnecessary unhappiness between yourself and the buyer.
7) You are selling at a few hundred of thousands, not selling a few dollars. Unless your bulbs or curtains are antiques or expensive items I would suggest you buy a new one for your new home.

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