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Every new development is covered by a 12-month Defect Liability Period whereby the developer must make good at his own cost and expense any defect in the unit, housing project or the common property which becomes apparent within the defects liability period, namely the period of 12 months from the date the purchaser receives the Notice of Vacant Possession.

The developer must make good any such defect within one month of his receiving a notice from the Purchaser requiring him to make good such defect, failing which the purchaser may do the following:
- notify the vendor of his intention to cause rectification works to be done and the estimated cost of carrying out those works; and
- give the vendor an opportunity to carry out the proposed rectification works within 14 days after the date of the notice, failing which he may proceed to rectify the defect by his own employees or workmen.

Following which, the purchaser may recover from the vendor the cost of those rectification works. The purchaser may deduct the cost of those rectification works from any sum held by the Singapore Academy of Law as stakeholder for the vendor.

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