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1. There are no plans for an en-bloc sale for The Windsor so far. However, a unit was put for auction in 2020.

2. An enbloc sale can only take place if a specified majority of the unit owners agree.

• The majority consent levels are for developments:
• less than 10 years old - at least 90% by share value and strata area;
• 10 years and older - at least 80% by share value and strata area.

A unit owner who has not agreed to the sale in writing, his mortgagee, chargee or other person with an estate or interest in the unit may, within 21 days of the date of the notice for en-bloc sale, file an objection in the prescribed form (1 original & 5 photocopies) with the Strata Titles Boards.

The Strata Titles Board will, within 5 days of the filing of an objection, forward a copy of it by registered post to the representatives appointed by the majority owners and their lawyers, if any.

The Strata Titles Board will not approve the application, if the sale agreement requires any unit owner who has not agreed in writing to the sale, to be a party to any arrangement for the redevelopment of the property or the unit owner who objects to the sale will suffer a financial loss.

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