HDB Resale: What do I need for my 1st appointment with HDB

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When you purchase a resale apartment, punctuality on the 1st appointment with HDB is very important.

As HDB sees many people, it is necessary for both parties (seller and buyer) to be present at the pre-determined time.

If one or both parties are late or fail to turn up for the appointment, HDB will not be able to process the application on that day.

To ensure a smooth process, both parties must bring along certain original documents for verification.


  • Original Identity Card (IC) or Passport
  • Original of all documents that were submitted during resale application
  • Applicants who have inherited interest in an HDB flat must be approved by HDB prior to this date before he can register to buy a flat. The applicant must produce the Petition for Letter of Administration with the Estate Schedule with the Grant Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate and the Last Will of the deceased (whichever is applicable).

If the applicant is bankrupt, a Letter of consent from the Official Assignee (OA) consenting to the purchase must be produced if the buyer is buying an executive flatmulti-generation flat or HUDC flat.


  • The seller's spouse who is the occupier of the flat must endorse their consent on the application form
  • Identity card or passport
  • Duplicate lease (if issued); If seller is deceased, the Death Certificate and three photocopies are required, the Grand of Letter of Administration/Probate (if applicable), Last Will of the deceased (if applicable) and Order of Court to sanctionthe sale (if applicable).
  • If seller is divorced; Deed of SeparationDecree Nisi and Decree Nisi absolute and Court Order (if any). An official English translation of all these documents by a sworn Interpreter of the Supreme Court of Subordinate Courts is required if the documents are in any other language.
  • If the seller is bankrupt, a Letter from the Official Assignee consenting to the resale must be produced.

If this process is successful, HDB will follow up within two weeks from the date of the first appointment with an approval letter, which will be sent to the both parties.

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