Which Condos in Singapore Have Electric Car Charging Points?

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Which Condos in Singapore Have Electric Car Charging Points?
Following the government’s decision to push for the adaptation of electric vehicles (EVs) and phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as part of the Green Plan 2030, a slew of measures will be implemented to drive this initiative.
For starters, the Government has pledged to install 60,000 EV charging points nationwide by 2030. To incentivise people to switch to EVs, EV buyers will also be eligible for various rebates and incentives, including lower road tax and $0 Additional Registration Fee (ARF) for electric cars purchased from January 2022 to December 2023.
But that’s not all; by 2025, at least eight HDB towns will be EV-ready and all HDB car parks within these towns will be fitted with EV charging stations; HDB residents with EVs can look forward to having the convenience of charging their EVs closer to home.
But what if you live in a private condo and plan to jump on the electric car bandwagon as well?
In this article, we take a look at a list of condos that currently have EV charging stations installed and how you can get your condo’s management to install EV chargers.
But first…

Where Can You Charge Your Electric Car in Singapore?

If you live in a landed property, you can get your car dealer to install your own private EV charger (also known as a wallbox) at home. Otherwise, you would need to charge your electric car at a public EV charging station (car parks, petrol stations, shopping malls, etc.).
While the network of public EV chargers in Singapore isn’t very big at the moment, it is expanding.
Currently, the main EV charging providers in Singapore are: Greenlots, SP Group, BlueSG, Charge+ and BYD. There are also selected Shell Recharge and Caltex charging stations available (provided by Greenlots and SP Group respectively).
According to their website, Greenlots has 69 public EV charging stations across 39 locations in Singapore. Here’s a live map of available charging stations:

SP Services

Government-owned electricity provider, SP Services, has over 340 EV charging points in 71 locations across the island so far, with a majority of them located in commercial buildings, shopping malls, business parks, and industrial sites.


Electric car-sharing firm BlueSG has over 1,200 charging points, with more than 239 of those available for non-BlueSG vehicles. You can find available EV charging points on their website, or look for available BlueSG charging points via the BlueSG app.


Charge+ has planned to roll out 10,000 EV charging points by 2030 in public estates, private developments, as well as commercial and industrial buildings. You can locate a charging station near you via the Charge+ app.


Last but not least, electric car and battery manufacturer, BYD, has also installed 122 EV charging stations in Singapore.

Condos with Electric Car Charging Stations

Currently, the number of condos with EV charging points is small, and there is not a lot of information about it publicly available yet. The good news is that Greenlots has provided a list of condos that have EV charging stations installed/approved (there are 22 condos/executive condos at the time of writing).
The website also states that the company is in ongoing discussions with 11 more condos to install EV charging stations, whilst eight condos have rejected their proposals.
19 Balmoral
Good Wood Residences
Clover By the Park
3 Orchard-By-The-Park
Scotts Square
The Seaview
Bartley Ridge
Skywoods Condo
MCST 2389 – Palm Spring
Bellewaters EC
The Arcadia Condo
Bartley Residences
Botanique Bartley
The Coast – Sentosa
D’Nest Condo
Boulevard Vue
Reflections @ Keppel Bay
The Sovereign
Draycott 8
Eight Riversuites Condominium
The Loft
ECO Condominium
Tanglin Regency
Valley Park Condo
Four Seasons Park
Le Nouvel Ardmore
Foresque Residences
Orchid Park Condo
Hillsta Condo (private use)
Sanctuary Green
Glenntrees (private use)
Gramercy Park
Kallang Riverside Condo
Lake Life EC
Marina Bay Residences
New Futura
One Leicester
One Shenton Residences
Principal Garden Condo
The Vales EC
Vue 8 Residences
Aside from the list above, Charge+ has also partnered with the likes of Sky@Eleven condo and Domus condo to install charging points at their premises. The company also said that it will further install 4,000 charging points in at least 1,200 condos by 2030, amid strong interest from condo residents.
“We have confirmed close to 10 condos and are in serious discussions with several other condos now based on the Charging-as-a-Service business model whereby there is zero upfront cost for MCSTs. Instead, they pay a monthly subscription fee over a fixed period,” said Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+.

How Do I Get My Condo Management To Install EV Chargers?

For condo owners, you need to table a request to install EV charging stations during your condo’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) as according to the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, the installation of facilities such as EV charging stations depends on the voting approval of members of your condo and management council.
If there’s interest, your condo’s management will engage an EV charging provider, who will then inspect and explain the options that can be implemented, including the type and number of chargers, as well as technical stumbling blocks involved (e.g. if there’s enough power supply for EV stations) and the cost involved.
If your management council approves, then the EV provider will proceed with the installation.
According to Goh, there are many condo councils across Singapore that have expressed interest in EV chargers at their premises.
He also adds, “Interested residents should approach their council or condo manager. Ideally, the prospective EV drivers in the same condo should band together to convey the collective interest to the council.”

What The Future Holds For Electric Cars Owners in Condos

Although there are currently only a handful of condos with EV charging points, it’s likely that more condos will adopt EV charging points sooner rather than later.
In fact, the Government has called for suggestions from EV providers in the market to cover issues such as how EV chargers will be installed as well as the upgrading of infrastructure needed to support EV chargers.
Besides that, the Government has also dedicated 20,000 of 60,000 EV charging points to improve the infrastructure needed in private premises by 2030.
Via the EV Common Charger Grant, the Government will help co-fund the installation of 2,000 EV chargers in existing non-landed private homes between July 2021 and December 2023, whilst it will also work with new developments to help ensure that there’s sufficient electrical capacity for wider EV adoption.
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Other FAQs About Electric Cars

According to SGCarMart, the cheapest electric car in Singapore is the BYD T3 electric ($74,000) whilst the most expensive is the Tesla Model X Electric 100D ($613,000).

As part of the Green Plan 2030, the Government has pledged to install 60,000 EV charging points across Singapore by 2030. In addition, eight HDB towns will also be EV-ready and new EV buyers will receive various rebates and incentives from the Government.

You can charge your electric car at home provided if you live in a landed home and have your own dedicated charger. Otherwise, you would need to charge it at a public charging station such as car parks, petrol stations, and shopping malls.