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S$ 4,500,000 S$ 7,680,000
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S$ 1,200 S$ 1,500
Golden Hill Estate
000006, Hougang / Punggol / Sengkang (D19)


Project Name

Golden Hill Estate

project type

Semi-Detached House






S$ 1,333 - S$ 3,048

Completion Year


# of Floors


Total Units

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Transport Accessibility
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Golden Hill Estate

Golden Hill Estate is a freehold semi-detached house development located at Upper Serangoon, Serangoon in District 19 near Lorong Chuan MRT Station. This project was located in the vincinity of landmarks like Paya Lebar and Crocodile Farm. This project was offering the affordable spacious inter terrace at a strategic location that facing the south east direction. Besides that, golden hill estate is a breezy and yet convenient to the residents. The residents can reach the MRT Station, shopping mall and school in just a stone throw away.

Golden Hill Estate – Unique Selling Points

This property boasts 3.44 hectares and in the heart of the estate is this beautiful villa with 2,000 m2 of space. The level of luxury that the residents would expect from this place becomes clear after the first step of the way inside the home in the beautiful foyer on two levels, which boasts elegant marble staircase. This villa has eight bedrooms with private bathrooms. All bedrooms are spacious and filled with natural light, while the master bedroom is a true epitome of luxury and the main decoration of the villa. Formal living rooms seamlessly overflow into each other, which makes this villa perfect for large social gatherings and comfortable daily life. It was built in the early 1900ih years by a wealthy industrialist David McLean Parry, this area maintains its elegance and charm of old times. This Golden Hill property was built in 1906 and it perfectly reflects the character of the neighborhood. There are elegant and luxurious interiors and exteriors, with great views of the White River.

Golden Hill Estate - Accessibilities

Golden Hill Estate is in District 19 and has a total of 354 units. It is accessible through the nearest train stations such as Lorong Chuan (CC14), Serangoon (CC13 NE12), and Tavistock (CR10). The nearest primary schools are Chij Our Lady Of Good Counsel, Zhonghua Primary School, and St. Gabriel's Primary School. This property is close to amenities like Cold Storage Specialty Serangoon Garden, NTUC Fairprice (Serangoon Central), and Giant(Serangoon Central Drive). The closest shopping malls are myVillage at Serangoon Garden, NEX, and ICB Shopping Centre. Golden Hill Estate is located within walking distance of shopping centres like Serangoon Garden Market and Serangoon Garden Village where a host of amenities are readily available, such as supermarkets, restaurants and food courts, banks, and entertainment facilities. Educational institutions located nearby include Nanyang Junior College and Zhonghua Primary School. As for nearby recreational facilities, Serangoon Garden Country Club is a short drive away.

Golden Hill Estate - Amenities & Attractions

Dining near Golden Hill Estate:
  • As - Safeera Restaurant
  • Jin Sin Restaurant
  • Haupman Pte Ltd
  • Chinese Grill House @ Tanjong Pagar

Schools and Education Institute near Golden Hill Estate:
  • Zhonghua Primary School
  • St Gabriel Primary School
  • Peicai Secondary School
  • Chong Boon Secondary School

Shops near Golden Hill Estate:
  • NEX
  • ICB Shopping Center
  • Cold Storage Specialty Serangoon Garden
  • Serangoon Central
  • Serangoon Central Drive

Golden Hill Estate - Project information

  • Project Name: Golden Hill Estate
  • Type: Semi-Detached
  • Configuration: 354 units
  • District: 19

Unit types for Golden Hill Estate :
  • Built up ranging from 1680 sqft - 4659 sqft

Golden Hill Estate - Nearby Projects

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Building @ 16 Li Hwan View 556906N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Li Hwan View 556908N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Li Hwan View 556910N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Li Hwan View 556911N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Li Hwan View 556913N/AN/A
Building @ 29 Li Hwan View 556916N/AN/A
Building @ 31 Li Hwan View 556917N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Li Hwan Terrace 556932N/AN/A
Building @ 4 Li Hwan Terrace 556933N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Li Hwan Terrace 556937N/AN/A
Building @ 9 Li Hwan Terrace 556938N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Li Hwan Terrace 556940N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Li Hwan Terrace 556943N/AN/A
Building @ 24 Li Hwan Terrace 556952N/AN/A
Building @ 26 Li Hwan Terrace 556954N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Li Hwan Terrace 556964N/AN/A
Building @ 38 Li Hwan Terrace 556966N/AN/A
Building @ 40 Li Hwan Terrace 556968N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Li Hwan Terrace 556971N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Li Hwan Terrace 556972N/AN/A
Building @ 47 Li Hwan Terrace 556975N/AN/A
Building @ 53 Li Hwan Terrace 556981N/AN/A
Building @ 55 Li Hwan Terrace 556983N/AN/A
Building @ 57 Li Hwan Terrace 556985N/AN/A
Building @ 64 Li Hwan Terrace 556989N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Li Hwan Place 557006N/AN/A
Building @ 12 Li Hwan Place 557012N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Li Hwan Place 557016N/AN/A
Building @ 4 Li Hwan Drive 557039N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Li Hwan Drive 557041N/AN/A
Building @ 7 Li Hwan Drive 557042N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Li Hwan Drive 557049N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Li Hwan Drive 557050N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Li Hwan Drive 557052N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Li Hwan Drive 557053N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Li Hwan Drive 557054N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Li Hwan Drive 557055N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Li Hwan Drive 557059N/AN/A
Building @ 27 Li Hwan Drive 557061N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Li Hwan Drive 557062N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Li Hwan Drive 557064N/AN/A
Building @ 31 Li Hwan Drive 557065N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Li Hwan Drive 557066N/AN/A
Building @ 34 Li Hwan Drive 557068N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Li Hwan Drive 557070N/AN/A
Building @ 40 Li Hwan Drive 557074N/AN/A
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Building @ 94 Li Hwan Drive 557110N/AN/A
Building @ 100 Li Hwan Drive 557113N/AN/A
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Building @ 10 Li Hwan Close 557134N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Li Hwan Close 557139N/AN/A
Building @ 22 Li Hwan Close 557145N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Li Hwan Close 557146N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Li Hwan Close 557151N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Li Hwan Close 557153N/AN/A
Building @ 32 Li Hwan Close 557155N/AN/A
Building @ 35 Li Hwan Close 557158N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Li Hwan Close 557159N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Li Hwan Close 557166N/AN/A
Building @ 44 Li Hwan Close 557167N/AN/A
Building @ 45 Li Hwan Close 557168N/AN/A
Building @ 46 Li Hwan Close 557169N/AN/A
Building @ 47 Li Hwan Close 557170N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Li Hwan Close 557171N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Mei Hwan Road 568320N/AN/A
Building @ 22 Mei Hwan Road 568322N/AN/A
Building @ 4 Mei Hwan Drive 568345N/AN/A
Building @ 6 Mei Hwan Drive 568347N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Mei Hwan Drive 568351N/AN/A
Building @ 17 Mei Hwan Drive 568352N/AN/A
Building @ 18 Mei Hwan Drive 568353N/AN/A
Building @ 19 Mei Hwan Drive 568354N/AN/A
Building @ 22 Mei Hwan Drive 568357N/AN/A
Building @ 23 Mei Hwan Drive 568358N/AN/A
Building @ 25 Mei Hwan Drive 568360N/AN/A
Building @ 28 Mei Hwan Drive 568363N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Mei Hwan Drive 568365N/AN/A
Building @ 36 Mei Hwan Drive 568371N/AN/A
Building @ 37 Mei Hwan Drive 568372N/AN/A
Building @ 42 Mei Hwan Drive 568377N/AN/A
Building @ 43 Mei Hwan Drive 568378N/AN/A
Building @ 47 Mei Hwan Drive 568380N/AN/A
Building @ 49 Mei Hwan Drive 568381N/AN/A
Building @ 59 Mei Hwan Drive 568386N/AN/A
Building @ 61 Mei Hwan Drive 568387N/AN/A
Building @ 65 Mei Hwan Drive 568389N/AN/A
Building @ 67 Mei Hwan Drive 568390N/AN/A
Building @ 85 Mei Hwan Drive 568399N/AN/A
Building @ 87 Mei Hwan Drive 568400N/AN/A
Building @ 89 Mei Hwan Drive 568401N/AN/A
Building @ 91 Mei Hwan Drive 568402N/AN/A
Building @ 105 Mei Hwan Drive 568409N/AN/A
Building @ 117 Mei Hwan Drive 568415N/AN/A
Building @ 129 Mei Hwan Drive 568421N/AN/A
Building @ 3 Mei Hwan Crescent 568448N/AN/A
Building @ 8 Mei Hwan Crescent 568453N/AN/A
Building @ 11 Mei Hwan Crescent 568456N/AN/A
Building @ 15 Mei Hwan Crescent 568460N/AN/A
Building @ 16 Mei Hwan Crescent 568461N/AN/A
Building @ 20 Mei Hwan Crescent 568465N/AN/A
Building @ 21 Mei Hwan Crescent 568466N/AN/A
Building @ 30 Mei Hwan Crescent 568475N/AN/A
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