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  • 5 July 2018

Project Name: Riverfront Residences

Address: Hougang Ave 7

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 396,231.4 sq ft.

Tenure: 99-years leasehold

District: 19

Configuration: Nine blocks of 17-storey apartments, 21 strata-landed houses (Total: 1,472 units)) and six shops

Unit types: 281, 1-room units (463 – 581 sq ft.)

                     202, 1-room + study units (517 – 635 sq ft.)

                     262, 2-room units (603 – 689 sq ft.)

                    168, 2-room premium units (721 – 861 sq ft.)

                    232, 3-room units (872 – 1,087 sq ft.)

                  204, 3-room premium (1,066 – 1,292 sq ft.)

                    34, 4-room units (1,410 – 1,625 sq ft.)

                    51, 4-room Premium w/ private lift (1,485 – 1,711 sq ft.)

                   17, 5-room premium w/ private lift (1,679 – 1,905 sq ft.)

                  21, 4-room, 3-storey strata terrace (2,109 sq ft.)

Est. TOP: 2022

Project Details

Riverfront Residences is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

Riverfront Residences showflat is located at Upper Serangoon Crescent, at the big field and across the road from HDB BLK 471B Upper Serangoon Road. Riverfront makes a huge impression the moment you enter the showflat; much of which is owed to the extremely large 3D model.

Photo Riverfront Residences 3D model at the showflat

Riverfront 3D model

People can also be forgiven for thinking Oxley were selling three condominium developments instead of one huge one; and make no mistake, Riverfront Residences is a massive development.

Which makes its careful execution even more appealing. Blocks are oriented to take advantage of natural air flow as well as maximise views. They’re arranged in what could be considered as enclaves (which is what gives the impression of multiple developments) but all that does is ensure that each section has its own array of facilities with the blocks stationed at a good distance apart from one another to avoid crowding.

Even the landed property, like Affinity, have their own section. For Riverfront though, the landed houses face Sungei Serangoon and the condo pools. One of those swimming pools is 20m.

Photo of strata-landed houses at Riverfront Residences


There are four showunits at the Riverfront showflat; 1-room + study Type AS1 (517 sq ft.), 2-room Type B3 (614 sq ft.), 3-room Type CP1 (1,066 sq ft.) and 4-room Type DP1-H (1,711 sq ft.).

1-room + study Type AS1 (517 sq ft.)

The living room, like its 2.75m long balcony, is lined with porcelain tiles. The reflective floors twinkle under the living room lights, lending the living space more subtle illumination, if natural air and light from the balcony isn’t enough.

Photo of 1BR + study living room and balcony at Riverfront showflat

Want to buy a condo but not sure how to do it? Why not click here for a step-by-step guide!

As far as 1-room + study units go, Riverfront’s offering is rather impressive. Even the open kitchen – a standard in all small units – feels like it has its own space, instead of typically encroaching into the living room area.

Photo of 1BR + study kitchen and living room at Riverfront showflat

Open kitchen

The placements of the study room and bathroom presents an opportunity to turn that study room into a walk-in closet.

Photo of bedroom at Riverfront showflat

A thoroughfare

Space is important but width is just as important. The width of the bathroom (opposing walls and walk-through space) is a good distance. From the above picture, the sink/mirror and toilet/shower areas are flushed with the structural walls. Also, all bathrooms in all units come with both a regular shower-head and a rain-shower. 

Photo of 1+1 unit bathroom at Riverfront showflat


The study area is an opened zone which means the owner has multiple points of ingress and egress. As it’s also closer to the main door, it could double up as a place for guests to leave their shoes or belongings.

Photo of study area at 1+1 unit at Riverfront showflat


The bedroom is big, by conventional standards, aided in part, by the large windows.

Photo of 1+1 master bedroom at Riverfront Residences showflat

Single but interested in buying this unit? Check out our guide first here!

At an indicative price of SGD578,000, the 1+1 unit is an attractive investment potential for burgeoning investors who may feel they missed the boat with the rapidly increasing prices.

2-room Type B3 (614 sq ft.)

The 2-room unit with its monochromatic scheme, exudes a professional and stylish living arrangement for young, working adults. But aesthetics aside, it’s suitable for a family of three, thanks in large part to the generous space offered in the common bedroom.

Photo of 2BR common bedroom at Riverfront showflat

2BR common bedroom

The master bedroom is reminiscent of the same unit type at Affinity, just smaller. With that said however, it, like the unit before it, is still bigger than what is usually offered in the market. That’s what a functional and well-thought out layout does.

The rest of the unit elicits the same luxurious feel.

Photo of 2-room's living and balcony area at Riverfront showflat

Living and balcony

All the units also come with kitchen appliances, like an Electrolux fridge, oven and an electric stove.

Photo of open kitchen at 2-room unit

Open kitchen

The electric stove is similar to an induction stove but more convenient as it doesn’t require the owner to purchase induction-specific pots and pans to use.

3-room Type CP1 (1,066 sq ft.)

Similarly bright, but with a warmer and cosier hue, the 3-room unit is a fantastic upgrade or even first-time purchase for people who need more space for a growing family.

Photo of 3-room living room

living room

Even the yard area, a place where residents usually convert into a maid’s room has a window for ventilation. The WC next to it, gives it the impression of a small, but functional bedroom.

Photo of 3-room maid's room

3BR maid’s room

As far as living conditions go, it’s reasonably comfortable and far more humane than what was once considered standard in the market. Kudos to Oxley for taking this small but significant thing into consideration.

The common bedrooms can take in a queen size bed, comfortably. As for the master bedroom, there’s ample space to add extra furniture after putting in a king-size bed.

Photo of 3-room master bedroom

3BR master bedroom

Owners with babies can even put a crib in the master bedroom without worry for space.

4-room Type DP1-H (1,711 sq ft.)

With a floor to ceiling height of 4.25m, the 4-room unit has all the hallmarks of a penthouse without the exorbitant price tag.

Photo of 4-room living area

4BR living

This unit type comes with a junior master bedroom; a fantastic addition for a multi-generation family or really, just about any family with more than four members.

Photo of 4-room junior master room

4BR junior master

Whether a place for a newly-wed to live in until their own home is ready, or for aging parents, the 4-room unit is perfect for both since it has its own bathroom.

As for common bedrooms, there are two that share a common bathroom; however, the layout is such that one bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a door.

Photo of 4-room common bedroom and common bathroom

4BR common bedroom and common bathroom

If the other bedroom is turned into a study area or an entertainment room, then this particular bedroom can double up as another junior master. Regardless of the choice, either bedrooms are quite big for a queen-size bed to fit comfortably.

Photo of 4-room common room

4BR common room turned entertainment room

The master bedroom comes with something akin to a walk-in closet. Its’ location however presents a clean layout, with walls free of built-in furniture for the owner to take advantage of.

Photo of 4-room master bedroom with walk-in built in closet

4BR master bedroom with built-in walk-in closet

In addition, the windows at the master bedroom are a combination of balcony sliding door and floor to ceiling windows.

Photo of 4-room master bedroom

4BR master bedroom

While the bedroom doesn’t have a balcony (no wasted space), it adopts some of the format. In place of actual windows, there’s a sliding door like what you’d get if you had a balcony, but it opens fully as if you were in a holiday villa looking out of your bedroom. A barricade designed to match the aesthetics, keep things safe.

Overall, it’s a great look and a fantastic capstone to an impressive showing.

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Riverfront Residences is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

Being built over the former Rio Casa HUDC site and situated along Hougang Ave 7, Oxley’s next large-scale project – Riverfront Residences – overlooks a plethora of green and blue while occupying a huge plot of land.

The park connector and Sungei Serangoon runs parallel to the project, providing not just relaxing views, but unblocked ones as well while the blocks, designed to ensure ample air flow are oriented to make the most of the surrounding views.

Artist impression of Riverfront Residences by Oxley

Source: Oxley

Riverfront Residences is about a 13-minute walk to Hougang MRT station but, there is free shuttle bus service for the first year. There is also a bus stop right outside the development with buses that takes residents to and from Hougang MRT station.

3D model of bus stop and Riverfront Residences

Bus stop at Riverfront

Hougang Mall is, by extension, close-by, thus providing residents the convenience of nearby amenities but without the crowded streets and raucous noises that come with being too close to such things.

In addition, there are other points of interest such as Punggol Park, The Midtown and Hougang Library. Also, several schools are located within the 1-2KM radius of Riverfront Residences.

Photo of Riverfront's site map from showflat

Riverfront site map

Some of these schools are, Holy Innocents Primary, Serangoon Secondary, CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity and Holy Innocents High School. Other schools in the area include North Vista Secondary, Punggol Primary, Montfort Sec/Jnr School and Serangoon Junior College.

For a new project in a matured district, the conveniences are attractive. And once the Paya Lebar Airbase has totally moved, more working opportunities will come to the area.

Add to the fact that prices for Riverfront are extremely competitive compared to the other new launches; this makes the 99-year leasehold condo a fantastic all-round purchase.

With Riverfront Residences, Hougang is about to get an injection of new life! Will it become one of Singapore’s newest, hip neighbourhood?

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Riverfront Residences is hot property now. Check out its’ listings here.

Check out our handy price widget below to see the current transaction prices for Riverfront Residences in Hougang, and calculate your monthly mortgage! 



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Riverfront Residences is a mega-development with much to offer it’s buyers. The developer Oxley has priced the project to move, and it is expected to continue to do so, even as the market for 2019 and beyond might seem shaky. Given its location and the wealth of amenities available, we expect Riverfront to be solidly popular with upgrader families. With a lower barrier to entry, singles below the age of 35 who are considering purchasing their own private pad could consider the smaller one- or two-bedroom units at Riverfront Residences as well.

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