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Project Name: Affinity at Serangoon

Address: Serangoon North Ave 1 (Former Serangoon Ville)

Type: Condominium

Site area: approx. 296,913 sq ft.

Tenure: 99-year leasehold

District: 19

Configuration: 1,052 residential units + five retail shops

Unit types: 186, 1-room units (463 – 560 sq ft.)

202, 1+1-room units (538 – 689 sq ft.)

7, 2-room units (635 sq ft.)

91, 2+1-room units (624 sq ft.)

28, 2-room premium units (753 – 775 sq ft.)

112, 2+1-room premium units (732 – 775 sq ft.)

170, 3-room units (850 – 1,012 sq ft.)

109, 3-room deluxe (1,152 – 1,259 sq ft.)

52, 3-room premium units (1,076 – 1,249 sq ft.)

42, 4+1-room units (1,410 – 1,711 sq ft.)

5, 4-room penthouses (1,561 – 1,701 sq ft.)

5, 4+1-room penthouses (1,550 sq ft.)

13, strata-landed 4-room (2,056 – 2,077 sq ft.)

27, strata-landed 5-room (2,303 – 2,347 sq ft.)

Est. TOP: 2024

Project Details

Affinity at Serangoon will have 1,052 units. There will be one to four-bedroom units with 1 + study, 2 + study units and 4-room penthouses. There are also 40 strata-landed houses. In addition, there will be five retail units, located near the entrance of Affinity, 

Photo of Affinity

Source: Oxley

Most units at Affinity are north-south facing with panoramic unblocked views over landed property. One year free shuttle service is provided to ferry residents to and fro Serangoon MRT station. 

As this is a big development, there are 88 facilities such as alfresco dining & kitchen on three exclusive islands. There’s a clubhouse and a floating gym. There are water elements all over the development, and aqua gym facilities.

Photo of Alfresco and BBQ island

Source: Oxley (Alfresco and BBQ island)

There’s a tennis court, a jogging trail, an outdoor gym and a reflexology path. Interestingly Oxley is building a Firefly path, a Floating Boardwalk and a luminescent Plankton Cove into the development grounds.  


All bedrooms come with quality fittings and appliances from Bosch, Grohe, Mitsubishi (aircon) and a Yale digital lockset

A huge project, Affinity developer Oxley’s venture toward large-scale projects from having developed boutique condos in the past seems like a gambit that is paying off.

Photo of Affinity @ Serangoon 3D model

Affinity @ Serangoon

While the marketing will cite its gorgeous array of 88 facilities – from herb gardens to unique locations like a firefly path and plankton cove as selling points – its’ primary attraction lies firmly in the execution of its units.

And what beautiful units they are.

The strata landed houses are gorgeous, multi-generational homes with such generous servings of space that you might be forgiven for thinking you’re buying property overseas instead.

Photo of landed house 3D model

Landed house

With only 40 strata landed terraces up for grabs, buyers with serious cash should consider putting down a deposit to secure one of these beauties.  

Aside from the 3D model of a landed home, there are four showunits; 1-room + study (614 sq ft.), 2-room + study (732 sq ft.), 3-room deluxe (1,152 sq ft.) and 4-room + study (1,453 sq ft.).

1-room + study (614 sq ft.)

1-room + study units are popular but they’ve mostly followed a template over the years with little to no improvement.

Then comes the 1-room + study unit at Affinity.

Photo of 1+1 living and kitchen

1+1 living and kitchen

Brightly-lit and tiled with porcelain, the 614 sq ft. unit casts a good first impression that only improves the more you explore. The kitchen counter is quartz; a hardier and far easier material to maintain. Appliances are Bosch-branded and come provided.

Photo of 1+1 open kitchen

1+1 open kitchen

While the living room and open kitchen spaces are functional and standard, the study room is not. Considerably larger than what other competitors have offered, it’s easy to mistake the study room and the 1-room + study unit as a 2-room unit instead.

Photo of 1+1 study

1+1 study

The size of the study room also makes this 1+1 a unique and rare option for young married couples or couples with a young child to stay for far longer than in other projects. Realistically, they can continue to live in this apartment until the kid is in early secondary – typically when the need for bigger space becomes a demand harder to ignore.

The only thing the study room doesn’t have is a window for natural ventilation but with an air-con installed or a ceiling fan, there won’t be any problems.

The master bedroom too is comparatively huge. Thanks also to its layout where the in-built wardrobe does not intrude upon the entrance, the allocation of white space and usable space for things like the bed and bedside table is a good mix.

Photo of 1+1 master bedroom

1+1 master bedroom

It’s refreshing to be in a unit where you don’t feel boxed in. While the doors have been removed for the showunit, it’s still impressive to have this much space. Even the bathroom, with its darker hues, contrast perfectly with the bright tiles to elicit a cosy and classy image.

Photo of 1+1 bathroom

1+1 bathroom

All bathrooms come with a rain shower as well as a regular shower head so no need to choose one or the other. The bathrooms are all also similarly gorgeous with the only difference being the size. They are all spacious but for the bigger units, the master bathrooms might as well be bedrooms in their own right due to the space. 

2-room + study (732 sq ft.)

The 2-room + study presents a more familiar unit, albeit one that lets the owner determine whether to keep the study area or remove the walls around it to turn it into a dining space.

Photo of 2+1 living room

2+1 living room

Regardless, there’s still room for a dining table so it’s not as if the owner is forced to convert the study room. Something must be said for the interior design of the common bedrooms in this unit too. It’s unique and it presents a far more tantalising room than what’s seen in other condos.

Photo of 2+1 common bedroom

2+1 common bedroom

While the design may not work for everyone, it offers a look at possible arrangements, without a queen size bed obstructing all the space.

As for the master bedroom, the 2-bedder has a slightly different layout from the others.

Photo of 2+1 master bedroom

2+1 master bedroom

While just as impressively large as the other sizes, the wardrobe here is along the wall on the left, facing the bathroom. This allows for a far greater grasp of the space on offer as residents don’t have to juggle between where to place a dressing table and how much walking space to allocate since the room is already properly laid out.

3-room deluxe (1,152 sq ft.)

The kitchen has two components – wet and dry or in the parlance of Affinity; Asian and Western. The Western kitchen is basically the island top preparation area. It’s a large, sturdy square cube with hollowed out sections for shelves.

Photo of 3-room deluxe preparation area

3-room deluxe preparation area

The Asian kitchen (or as we Asians know it as – the kitchen) is the entire quartz table top with overhead cabinets, stoves and other appliances. This kitchen however is separated by a sliding door which depending on the owner, can be left open to entertain guests or shut when cooking to keep the rest of the house from smoking.

Photo of closed kitchen

Closed kitchen

It’s a simple look made extra elegant by the fantastic interior design. The kitchen also manages to avoid looking cluttered or messy and yet encapsulates the feelings of both cosiness and spaciousness.

Past the kitchen is the living room and the yard/ utility area. Concealed by a sliding door, the placement of the yard is unique but it does show that Oxley is willing to buckle trends where it makes sense to do so. By placing the yard and utility room away from the kitchen, both sections benefit.

Photo of 3-room deluxe utility room and yard

3-room deluxe utility room and yard

In addition, as walls in Affinity can be hacked, the utility room can be remodelled to be part of the living room or turned into a relaxing corner or open library. As the yard is accessible from both sides, the sliding doors keep things neat and out of sight, until you need it.

As part of the living room, the concealment and the structural wall maintains that organized and seamless look.

Photo of 3-room living room

3-room living room

The common bedroom is big and capable of holding a queen size bed. While this is typically not a good use of space in a common bedroom, the fact that the room can accommodate a bigger bed is still a good thing. Coupled with large windows that admit plenty of natural lighting and the room not only looks big, it feels big too.

Photo of 3-room deluxe queen bed in common bedroom

3-room deluxe queen bed in common bedroom

The master bedroom on the other hand looks like it’s two bedrooms combined. Saying that it’s big is an understatement.

Photo of 3-room deluxe master

3-room deluxe master

Walking space is something many developers have appeared to forget in recent years. Oxley hasn’t forgotten it and instead, lays it thick. Some might consider it ironic for a once boutique developer but it shows good foresight, especially in a crowded market now where prices are increasing purely on the assumption that people are wanting to buy. Giving good reasons like these to spend is a key factor in making sales.

Photo of 3-room deluxe master and bathroom

3-room deluxe master and bathroom

One last thing about this unit is the balcony. It’s good that it’s somewhat sheltered because the balcony is large and therefore a fantastic location for some outdoor furniture and/or an alfresco dining area. Maybe even an open-air bar.

Photo of 3-room deluxe balcony

3-room deluxe balcony

All that space is begging to be used.

4-room + study (1,453 sq ft.)

The 4-room + study unit is a perfect capstone for what’s been a truly impressive development. Its layout is reminiscent of a penthouse unit in Seaside Residences while its design and feel brings back memories of Marina One Residences.

Photo of 4+1 living and dining

4+1 living and dining

Both are equally excellent and standard-setting developments in their respective districts. And so, Affinity is shaping up to be the standard-bearer for district 19.

Photo of 4+1 living and balcony

4+1 living and balcony

The 4-room is worthy of carrying this statement, more so than the landed terraces simply because comparatively, its’ pricing will be more palatable for a wider consumer base. And for that potential buyer looking for a spacious unit to call home for a long time, the 4-room + study will be a great option.

Photo of 4+1 kitchen island and main door

4+1 kitchen island and main door

It’s infrequent to have space like this, especially white space that’s not purposefully used by a multitude of furniture and or hanging ornaments as if to say, ‘we’re afraid of showing space’. In this unit, the empty space stands as a testament, a pleasing prospect of options limited solely by the imagination of the homeowner.

Like the 3-room unit, there’s the kitchen island or dry kitchen and the traditional kitchen. The yard space and utility follows convention here and is part of the wet kitchen which in turn has a door to keep it separate.

Photo of 4+1 kitchen

4+1 kitchen

The kitchen may seem smaller than what is usually seen in units like these but it is in no way small. It’s a good size – perfect even – without missing any of the important things to have such as cabinets, fridge space, microwave oven and others. The utility room while normally used as a maid’s room can be turned into a pantry which will effectively increase the space by at least 30%.

Photo of 4+1 living room and common corridor

4+1 living room and common corridor

Space is a crucial thing and it’s heartening to see developers move away from creating tightly-cropped corners and calling it generous. Here, saying that the space is generous is yet another understatement.

Photo of 4+1 common bedroom with queen size bed

4+1 common bedroom with queen size bed

Vinyl flooring, large windows and ample room for a queen-size bed makes for a cosy bedroom the same way bright porcelain tiles enhance the living room. The master bedroom however is in a class of its own.

Photo of 4+1 master bedroom

4+1 master bedroom

To have this much standing room is fantastic. Sometimes to feel the full weight of the room, unused space sells it far better than excessive furnishing. In this, the master bedroom excels.

Photo of 4+1 master bedroom and bathroom

4+1 master bedroom and bathroom

It’s a must-have if you’ve got the cash and love for living in Serangoon. As a development, Affinity ticks all the right boxes. Also, as most units are oriented toward north-south, there’s minimal sun and a great view of the landed properties around.

Affinity at Serangoon may indeed fulfill its namesake and in the coming years, help redefine its immediate area.

Interested in Affinity at Serangoon? Check out its listing here.

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In January 2019, the Singapore government announced the first 12 stations to be built along the upcoming Cross Island Line, which will begin construction in 2020 and complete by 2029. The Affinity at Serangoon is now a short walk from what will be the new Serangoon North station, along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. This has led to renewed popularity in the project, with enhanced convenience for residents in the future. Capital appreciation, especially once the Cross Island Line goes into operation, is likely to improve as well. 


Affinity at Serangoon is being developed over what was previously known as Serangoon Ville. En bloc at a sale of SGD499M to Oxley Holdings, the upcoming 1,052-unit condominium is about a 12-minute bus ride to NEX shopping mall and Serangoon MRT & bus interchange.

However, the closest station is presumably Kovan, although getting to Serangoon is expected to be faster. However, for the first year, a free shuttle service is provided by the developer to ferry residents to and from Serangoon MRT station

Photo of Affinity site map

Affinity site map

There’s also Hougang Mall which is around a 30-minute bus ride away. Other amenities in the area include myVillage, Serangoon Gardens Market, Chomp Chomp, SRCC, Serangoon Central and Serangoon Community Park. 

Several schools are located within 1km of Affinity such as as Rosyth and Zhonghua Primary School. There are also international schools nearby like Lycee Fracais Singapore and Australian International School. 

Orchard Road, the CBD and Marina are about a 15-minute drive away provided traffic is smooth. 

One additional factor about Affinity is that it’s relatively close by to Seletar Aerospace Park as well as the upcoming Punggol Digital District. These two new working areas presents Affinity as an excellent investment opportunity.

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Affinity launched on the first weekend of June with a reported 112 sold out, of the 300 released.

Check out our handy price widget below to see the latest transaction prices, and your potential mortgage payments



Interested in Affinity at Serangoon? Check out its listing here.

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In a hot market with prices going up, people genuinely looking for a home are scrambling after all the deals they can get. The good news is prices will keep increasing but that’s only good for developers and investors.

Unblocked views

Unblocked views

Home-buyers with no intent to move out after a few years are more concerned over affordability. And if we’re being honest, affordability as a word has been stretched so far to its breaking point that it doesn’t mean what it should mean any longer.

Thus, to properly market property, developers can’t churn out the same looking units, slap on the same marketing fluff words and call it a day. They must deliver on all fronts, to justify the high price. Many fail to acknowledge this. Oxley did not.

Retail shops on the ground floor

Retail shops on the ground floor

While comparatively more affordable than its competitors, Oxley’s units are excellent. Attractive and spacious, the units are designed well; striking a nice balance between satisfying expectations and delivering just a little bit more to push Affinity ahead of its competitors.

And in the doing so, it makes the price palatable. After all, it is expected for quality goods to come with a premium price-tag. The only issue with that is if the item in question is worth that price-tag.

Affinity certainly is.

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