• Christopher Chitty
  • 11 January 2016

Owned by Malaysia’s strategic investment fund, Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Singapore’s investment company, Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd, M+S Pte Ltd was established in June 2011 to develop Marina One Residences and DUO.

Project Name: Marina One Residences

Address: 21 & 23 Marina Way

Type: Integrated Development with Residential, Retail, and Grade A Offices

Site area: Approx. 282,400 sqft

Tenure: 99-year leasehold with effect from 1st July 2011

District: 1

Configuration: 1,042 luxury residential units in two 34-storey towers and two 30-storey prime Grade-A office towers and 140,000 sqft of unique retail space at podium level

Unit types (for released tower): 229, 1-bedroom (657 – 775 sqft)

144, 2-bedroom (969 – 1,130 sqft)

29, 2-bedroom + study (1,141 – 1,216 sqft)

86, 3-bedroom (1,507– 1,539 sqft)

29, 4-bedroom (2,045 – 2,250sqft)

4, Penthouse (6,491 – 8,568 sqft)

Carpark lots: 1,505 total

Expected TOP: 2017

Legal TOP: Dec 2018

Project Details

The Marina One show gallery exterior appears unassuming, surrounded as it is by scaffolding and the sounds of heavy machinery. But all this changes once you step inside.

Expansive and with a video playing in the lobby, the only way forward is across a massive 3D modelling of the Marina Bay area, separated by sturdy transparent glass, beneath your feet.

3D model of Marina Bay area beneath Marina One Residences lobby

3D model of Marina Bay area beneath Marina One Residences lobby

The show gallery is huge and with good reason. Four units are on display with the smallest – a 1-bedroom apartment – sitting at an assured 700sqft.

There are two properties on display here; Marina One Residences and DUO Residences, although the showunits for DUO have been removed. The 3D model is still exhibited and offers a preview of DUO.

The Marina One Residences show flats takes the bulk of the show gallery, with its 3D models on the main floor and all four show units on the second level, complete with attached balconies that lets you peer down to the ground level or across at the construction site.

Marina One Residences 3D model aerial view

Marina One Residences 3D model aerial view

The 3D model offers a tantalising view of the finished product, with its most remarkable feature being the bowl shaped public garden between the residential and office blocks.

Called ‘The Green Heart’, this undulating tiered structure pulls the eye downward into its centre, where a 65,000 sqft garden skirted by 13.2m high ribbon waterfall, pulses.

Marina One Residences Green Heart

Source: M+S Pte Ltd

The biodiversity garden at the core of the development acts as a thoroughfare for residents, executives and shoppers alike, adding much needed harmony between towering structures of concrete and steel with nature.

As the newest and largest integrated development in the vibrant Marina Bay precinct upon its completion in 2017, this lush man-made garden adds a lot of green to an otherwise urban jungle.

Marina One Residences' Green Heart

Close-up of Marina One Residences’ Green Heart

Around and beneath it is ‘The Heart’, a retail podium spanning approximately 140,000 sqft riddled with a cornucopia of lifestyle and dining outlets.

Several prominent brands have already taken up anchor tenant status, the biggest of which is Virgin Active; a fitness club that at 26,000 sqft with the largest indoor climbing wall in Marina Bay.

The gym is two storeys with an indoor swimming lap pool as well as the other facilities like salt, steam and ice rooms and yoga studios that are synonymous with Virgin Active fitness clubs.

Cold Storage supermarket is another anchor tenant, occupying about 10,000 sqft of space. Close by is an 8,400 sqft food court, operated by Koufu who will be introducing its Cookhouse concept.

Many other tenants include 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, renowned Japanese restaurant Teppei Syokudo and Jewel – a ‘third-wave’ specialist coffee house.

Marina One Residences The Heart

Source: M+S Pte Ltd

Having established franchises within the integrated development adds credence to the ‘Live, work, play’ mantra that has driven quite a number of other developments in Singapore, though it appears that Marina One Residences may embody this ideology more passionately that its contemporaries.

But retail is merely one quarter of the entire Marina One experience. The aforementioned garden and residences make up the other two quarters with the office towers rounding it up.

Two 30-storey office towers with an approximate 1.88m sqft of lettable area offers a preview of the number of companies – big and small – that will be taking up residence in the prime Grade-A office towers.

These office towers are BCA (Building & Construction Authority) Green Mark Platinum-Certified and LEED Platinum Pre-Certified.

Marina One Residences facade from Central park

Marina One Residences facade from Central park

The former is awarded when a development is environmentally friendly in a sustainably built setting while the latter is a U.S rating system which recognizes buildings with sustainable site development, energy efficiency, water savings, material selection and indoor environmental quality (source: Marina One Factsheet).

Being LEED Platinum Pre-Certified is an excellent asset for companies that are making the move to Marina One or thinking about doing so. Energy efficiency helps to curb monthly electricity costs along with having less of an environmental impact.

Higher indoor environmental quality also has tangible benefits as it is known to boost productivity and keep people relatively healthier.

Marina One’s two 34-storey residential towers are also BCA’s Green Mark Platinum rated, making it one of the few residential developments in Singapore to fully embrace environmentalism.

With an abundance of green space and green technology powering this immense building, it feels like M+S Pte Ltd. has thrown in everything to make Marina One Residences shine the brightest.

But does it deliver where it matters the most? Does it deliver with its residential units?

In a word – yes. Marina One Residences may very well define the exacting standards for future luxury properties in Singapore.

Showflat: On the second floor of the showflat and overlooking the development, are four distinct showunits along a communal corridor. For the actual development, only 1-bedroom units share a corridor. 2-bedroom units onwards have their own private lift lobby. There are no communal corridors in the actual development, as each unit is serviced by a private lift and lobby.

For the showunits, the lift and lobby spaces are demarcated to show the actual sizing, which only accentuates the sheer size of what is offered.

The four showunits on display are: 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom. Although penthouses aren’t shown, these four create an escalating expectation for what a penthouse unit will look like. These penthouses come in a variety of types, either sprawling single storey units or with levels to cater to both preferences.

1-bedroom Type 1D (65sqm/700sqft): The corridor that leads to the unit proper is neither very long nor narrow. Polished marble flooring throughout the main hall and kitchen sparkle under the off-white lights like stars to make a spacious unit feel even brighter and bigger.

From that vantage, a bit of the living room and balcony is visible. The cooking area, the wall where the TV traditionally is and the bedroom are blocked from view.

Marina One Residences 1BR main entrance

Marina One Residences 1BR main entrance

Once you clear the wall however, whether it’s a 625 sqft or a 700 sqft unit, the open-concept kitchen comes into view.

The imported designer kitchen cabinets from Poggenpohl are a stark white to match the solid surface worktop but the Miele branded appliances (induction hob, hood, microwave oven, fridge and washer/dryer) add the necessary colour contrast.

A brightly lit kitchen is as essential as its sizing which the 1-bedroom unit delivers.

arina One Residences 1BR cooking and dining area

Marina One Residences 1BR cooking and dining area

In some developments, the spaces for the different rooms can feel disproportionate, as if corners were cut to make certain parts of the apartment bigger at the expense of the others.

In this show unit, each area despite having an open concept, offers a generous amount of usable space that feels far more proportionate. It is quite telling when the corridor from the main door is not just wide but shorter in length.

This already sets a precedent and expectation of a good layout. Many developments opt for long and narrow corridors due to layout constraints or some other reason, so it’s good that the opposite is seen here.

Marina One Residences 1BR living and kitchen area

Marina One Residences 1BR living and kitchen area

The space allocation works together to create a cosy atmosphere, so while the dining table may be that much closer to the TV area, it does not feel out of place.

In such dwellings, it is common for the solid surface kitchen top to double up as a make-shift dining table which negates the need for an actual dining table

In the bedroom, the floors are timber with timber skirting. However, for the new tower, marble flooring will be provided instead.

Marina One Residences 1BR bedroom

Marina One Residences 1BR bedroom

The bedroom is also separated from the living area by a foldable door/wall that acts as a partition for when privacy is required. Originally an option, the fold door will be provided by default now.

For practicality’s sake, this is a much better move. The door takes up minimal space when not in use but is there should an occasion require you to wall off the bedroom.

The bathroom has two entrances; one on the left from the main door and the other through the walk-in closet in the bedroom. It’s somewhat of an L shape, but with enough space for a wheelchair to roll through from the entrance closest to the main door. Floors are marble, as is the vanity counter top.

Marina One Residences 1-bedroom bathroom

Source: M+S Pte Ltd

Though smaller than the other common bathrooms in the bigger units, it avoids feeling cramped because of its layout. It is impressive that all the necessary sanitary wares are provided and more importantly, organized in such an elegant way so as to make a typically smaller bathroom look and feel remarkably spacious.

It is no surprise then, given how good the 1-bedroom unit looks, that all the released units of this type have been fully sold.

2-bedroom Type 2E (103sqm/1,109sqft): Marble flooring when polished to a shine and paired with off-white downlights makes a small unit feel capacious yet peaceful.

For a much bigger unit however, it’s like walking in the clouds. In other words, it makes you feel light on your feet.

Stepping through the private portal into the 2-bedroom unit elicits that sort of feeling.

Marina One Residences 2BR living and dry kitchen

Marina One Residences 2BR living room and dry kitchen

Conventionally, 2-bedroom units are considered small but given the extremely generous sizing here, ‘small’ is a misnomer.

However, the kitchen continues the open concept popular in many minimalist and post-modern architecture which is often preferred by younger property buyers.

This is because an open kitchen allows more mobility to the living space. For a 2-bedder, with a family of two adults and one or two small children, additional, unobstructed space is always a good thing.

Marina One Residences 2BR open kitchen

Marina One Residences 2BR open kitchen

The biggest advantage of an open kitchen is it allows whoever is cooking at the moment to monitor the children while they play in the living room.

And though the balcony is attached to the living room, a sliding door keeps it out of bounds when necessary. Opening it however, gives you a wide view of the Marina Bay area and depending on your unit’s orientation, you can see as far as the sea.

The balconies are worth mentioning because of their particular design. All balconies throughout the residential towers are of a modified signature weave made of a tough reinforced material to give added stability and inject uniqueness into the façade of the development.

Its criss-cross weave defines the façade of Marina One Residences and works to establish a particular architectural identity for the luxury residence.

Marina One Residences balcony weave

Source: M+S Pte Ltd

The balconies are quite big and can adequately contain several chairs or a couch and even a table for dining with a view.

When integrated into the living room or one of the common rooms with balcony access, the space enlarges even further.

One of the common bedrooms is separated from the living room by a wall and though it shares the balcony, sliding doors in each respective areas keep them private when necessary.

Marina One Residences 2BR common bedroom

Marina One Residences 2BR common bedroom

Common bedrooms can hold a queen size bed quite comfortably, though for a 2-bedroom unit, a super single or a bunk bed will always be a better use of space.

This bedroom is next to the common bathroom and a right turn from there leads to what is arguably one of the nicest looking master bedrooms in a show unit ever.

Marina One Residences 2BR master bedroom

Marina One Residences 2BR master bedroom

The décor helps of course as does the white walls and post-modern architecture, but so too does the lower bed. A lower platform raises the perception of a high ceiling which in turn creates a feeling of height.

So even though there is a king size bed here, the bright colours, timber flooring, lower platform and genuinely larger space contributes to a more stylish and spacious appearance.

Marina One Residences 2BR master bedroom

Marina One Residences 2BR master bedroom

The larger full length windows (commonly called a curtain wall) that allows sunlight to stream through has an added impact on the room.

Natural light makes the area look bigger and with no bay windows taking up important space, the master bedroom ranks exceptionally high on every level.

3-bedroom Type 3A (141 sqm/1,518sqft): This unit graduates the viewer from spacious luxury boutique type apartments to something much flashier.

It was also the first show unit M+S developed in preparation for the project’s official unveiling. The two Prime Ministers of Singapore and Malaysia stood on this balcony during their addressing of the media, back in February 2013, establishing this as a joint venture between Khazanah and Temasek.

Looking at the entire unit, it’s easy to see why it was used. The 3-bedroom apartment is luxurious with ample space for a larger family.

Marina One Residences 3BR private lift and lobby area

Marina One Residences 3BR private lift and lobby area

It is commodious and yet comfortable and represents the standard apartment size, that is showered with a high luxurious standard and style throughout.

From the private lift and into the personal lobby decked out in high quality marble, the tall and wide doorway stands as gatekeeper to the apartment.

Stepping through the portal transports you into a lavish and yet homely unit.

Marina One Residences 3BR living and dining area

Marina One Residences 3BR living and dining area

A round dining table that sits six rests at the right from the main door overlooking the living area and the balcony beyond.

Though a two-seater couch and a single reclining chair was included, the living room is big enough to accommodate a much larger couch for four to five people with ample room for a coffee table, a TV console and some display cabinets if you are so inclined.

Marina One Residences 3BR living room with dining table

Marina One Residences 3BR living room with dining table

On the left of the dining table is the dry kitchen. Like the rest of its luxurious ilk, the island with solid surface counter top, Poggenpohl cabinets, requisite appliances including both a microwave and steam oven as well as an undercounter wine chiller creates a very inviting space for some quick meal-prepping.

An additional appliance – a dishwasher – is included in all 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and penthouse units. This is represents yet another way Marina One Residences is differentiating itself from the rest of the pack.

Marina One Residences 3BR dry kitchen

Marina One Residences 3BR dry kitchen

But as far its show units are concerned, this is where the similarities with the other two units end.

The dry kitchen leads into a wet kitchen area though the large Miele fridge there is not provided. For heavier cooking, this is a must and with so much space provided, it is an excellent addition.

Marina One Residences 3BR wet kitchen

Marina One Residences 3BR wet kitchen

At the far end is the yard that is commonly used by owners as a maid’s room if they have one employed, in most developments. All residential units also come with an in-built rubbish chute.

With an in-built chute, it helps to facilitate rubbish disposal by the building management in a concealed manner so as to maintain Marina One Residences’ prestigious appearance.

The chute is located away from the cooking area.

Marina One Residences 3BR utility area

Marina One Residences 3BR utility area

That area does feels a bit smaller though but this is expected of any utility areas. However, the walking space is a lot larger than what is conventionally offered in other developments.

This generous allocation of space is obvious even in the common bedrooms as they are significantly bigger than common bedrooms in mass-market condominiums.

Marina One Residences 3BR common bedroom

Marina One Residences 3BR common bedroom

The two bedrooms are of slightly different sizes though. This is likely due to the first bedroom having balcony access.

The layout is also a little different as there is a corridor leading into the sleeping area from the entrance in the first bedroom.

Marina One Residences 3BR common bedroom

Marina One Residences 3BR common bedroom

The master bedroom however, is as large as it is posh.

Upon entering, the king size bed draws the eye as it sits prominently, bathed in warm tones of brown.

There’s such a breath of space around it that adding dark and long curtains merely adds to the ambience without ever diminishing its size.

Marina One Residences 3BR master bedroom

Marina One Residences 3BR master bedroom

The floors are timber and walls while wallpapered will be delivered painted white. On the right from the door is the walk-in wardrobe.

Storage space will naturally be limited with what is currently offered but the room is large enough for the owner to install their own cupboards.

Marina One Residences 3BR master bedroom walk-in closet

Marina One Residences 3BR master bedroom walk-in closet

The attached bathroom in the bigger units are just as spacious, with high quality sanitary furnishings from brands like Villeroy & Boch.

But it does add a little something to round off the all the lavishness: a freestanding bathtub.

Made out of marble and a stark white to take advantage of the strong lighting, the bathtub fits comfortably in the master bedroom, leaving abundant room to move around.

Marina One Residences 3BR master toilet with bathtub

Marina One Residences 3BR master toilet with bathtub

It might seem like such a small addition but having a bathtub does one very important thing other than let owners lounge in a bath after a long day – it emphasises the sheer size of what is offered.

The 3-bedroom ups the ante from the 1 and 2-bedrooms as it lays out the luxury finishing within an apartment that makes the most use of its size.

And yet, for as impressive as it is, it pales in comparison to the last showunit on display.

4-bedroom Type 4A (202 sqm/2,174 sqm): The enormity of the 4-bedroom unit is simply astounding.

Standing on the opulent marble tiles at either end lets you take in the full scope of the living room. The gourmet kitchen replete with cooking island and the rows of Poggenpohl cabinets against the wall behind it helps centers the eye.

The Miele fridge is concealed in the built-in cabinets next to the steam and microwave ovens. A built-in espresso machine, provided to the owners of these unit types, takes up little space next the oven.

Marina One Residences 4BR living and dry cooking area

Marina One Residences 4BR living and dry cooking area

The gourmet kitchen shares space with the living and dining area that spans a generous 54.7 sqm (588 sqft), made even larger when viewed with sliding doors separating the 11.1 sqm (119 sqft) balcony opened.

The wide balcony with light streaming in adds depth, though the room is already significantly large on its own.

Marina One Residences 4BR living, dining and balcony

Marina One Residences 4BR living, dining and balcony

One can imagine holding a big party here on New Year’s Eve with fireworks going off in the distance.

The rest of the unit is just as impressive, if not slightly overshadowed by the living area. The wet kitchen and two common bedrooms are located through the corridor behind the dry kitchen.

Marina One Residences 4BR living area

Marina One Residences 4BR living area

Through there, the Powder Room – a guest wash room minus showering facilities – is on the right, just before the entrance to the wet kitchen.

It is somewhat secluded from the rest of the house, which is good because this will be where heavier cooking happens. So it makes sense for the aroma of the food and ingredients to be contained in its own ventilated space, separate from the living areas.

Marina One Residences 4BR wet kitchen

Marina One Residences 4BR wet kitchen

Once you exit the kitchen, the corridor leads you to the two common bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of those bedrooms is attached to a bathroom, making it a sort of junior suite.

For a guest room, it’s quite perfect as it is a self-contained room with toilet facilities.

Marina One Residences 4BR common bathroom

Marina One Residences 4BR common bathroom

It’s an added benefit if there are two married couples staying in the apartment.

The 4-bedroom unit is a good generational type of apartment where a big family can live in comfortably. Alternatively, investors have a lot of room to play with, pun intended, should they intend to rent the unit out.

Marina One Residences 4BR common bedroom 2 with en-suite bathroom

Marina One Residences 4BR common bedroom 2 with en-suite bathroom

M+S’s emphasis on functional usable space really takes the cake here.

Commonly touted buzzwords like the aforementioned ‘functional usable space’ tend to be revealed as erroneous once the property in question is viewed but here, these words are mere placeholders for something better.

M+S exceeds in almost every regard, with generous spaces and more importantly, spacious common bedrooms that are usually the first casualty in the war for space in mass-market developments.

Marina One Residences 4BR common bedroom

Marina One Residences 4BR common bedroom

Furthermore, while you are made aware of its high quality furnishing and fittings, the opulence and grandeur comes off as classy and natural instead of contrived.

And although it’s not expected of common bedrooms to be anything more than ‘functional’, the luxurious delivery that started at the living room is topped off rather exquisitely with the master bedroom.

Marina One Residences 4BR master bedroom

Marina One Residences 4BR master bedroom

The master bedroom is connected with the balcony and is wall to wall with the other bedroom. As a result, both get to share the balcony with sliding doors keeping them private. This particular balcony feels bigger than the balconies in the other showunits because of its angular shape.

The balconies that are stacked above one another provides shelter from rain, though not all are arranged as such.

The high railings also keeps it safe for use by small children so turning the balcony into a lounge or reading area adds more purpose to the space.

Marina One Residences 4BR Master bedroom and balcony

Marina One Residences 4BR Master bedroom and balcony

But balcony aside, even if the sliding door were to be shut and the curtains drawn, the master bedroom is a large 28.8 sqm.

This includes a walk-in closet bordered by see-through glass that is connected to the master bathroom. The ivory bathtub sits conspicuously in the far end but does not infringe upon walking or standing space.

Marina One Residences 4BR Master bathroom with bathtub

Marina One Residences 4BR Master bathroom with bathtub

The 4-bedroom unit is without a doubt, one of the best looking units available in the market now, outdone by the penthouse units that are even bigger and afford more opulence than what it can offer.

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The Central Business District (CBD) is a region of gigantic buildings of steel and glass. Towering skyscrapers rise from the ground like concrete trees that reach for the sky in this urban jungle. The people that flit between the office buildings to the subterranean levels appear like ants shuffling through wide streets as if in a valley amidst a forest.

There is a distinct feeling of smallness when standing at the Marina Financial Centre and overlooking the 282,400 sqft development that is fast becoming part of the Marina One Residences – M+S Pte Ltd.’s magnum opus.

Marina One Residences 3D model facade

Marina One Residences 3D model facade

Even unfinished, it’s easy to see how Marina One Residences will stand firm as the defining feature in Marina South, subverting even nearby Marina Bay Sands with its magnitude.

On the street level, the vast and open land stretches out like an emerald oasis. The super-trees at Gardens by the Bay peek out over the shimmering horizon while Marina Bay Sands shimmers in the Singapore sun across Bayfront Avenue.

This is a region that would make dwarves of the tallest person and yet it does not feel oppressive. Just a lingering sensation of openness and elegance permeating the air.

Marina Bay Financial Centre and MBS

Marina Bay Financial Centre and MBS

Bordering Marina One Residences are the Downtown and Marina Bay MRT stations. There will be a covered, air-conditioned underground pedestrian network connecting the development with the MRT stations, as well as providing connectivity to the older CBD area and Marina Bay Sands.

Marina One will be directly linked to four out of the six MRT lines in Singapore – North South Line, Circle Line, Downtown Line and Thomson Line (est. completion 2021) – via the Marina Bay Interchange Station and Downtown Station.

During the day when the sun is at its zenith, the air-conditioned underground is a popular refuge to escape the heat where rows of eateries and shops reside in brightly lit modern caverns of steel and earth.

But by nightfall, the entire area comes alive in a show of lights, as if the stars in the sky were pulled down to blanket the Bay. It is cooler here, with the Bay sitting serenely in the north-east and the expansive land that for now, affords an unhindered view of the Garden.

It imbues the business district with a charm and personality unique to itself.

From Bayfront Avenue, Benjamin Shears Flyover or the Marina Central Expressway (MCE), all of which are within sight and extremely accessible from M+S Pte Ltd.’ upcoming development, the city’s new skyline is one of form, function and beauty.

This is the future of the city.

And in its heart, beats Marina One: residential, office and retail development extraordinaire.

Getting there: Flanked by Marina Bay and Downtown MRT stations, Marina One Residences is as convenient to get to as it is easy to spot. From Downtown MRT station, either Exit C or Exit E will get you there.

The latter exit is closest, while the former puts you on the side of the Financial Centre. The underground pedestrian walkways will extend to Marina One Residences eventually.

Marina One Residences showflat entrance

Marina One Residences showflat entrance

In the future, Marina Bay MRT, which borders the perimeter on the opposite side, closer to the sea will be an alternative station for stacks closest to it. For now, Downtown MRT station’s Exit E is the closest to the showflat and thus, the most convenient.

There’s no need to cross the short road, instead make a right at the traffic stop and walk past the development to reach the showflat.

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As an integrated development in the Marina Bay Financial District, Marina One Residences is on a level of its own.

It is bordered by other developments like Marina Bay Suites and V on Shenton, but these reside along Shenton Way and Marina Boulevard rather than at its epicentre as does Marina One Residences.

Thus, psf and rental yield will be vastly different. For example, V on Shenton has 1-bedroom apartments that start at 484 sqft with a median psf of $2,562 and an aggregate transacted price of $1.24m. Marina One Residences’ smallest units are 659 sqft 1-bedrooms with a median psf of $2,248 and an aggregate transacted of $1.5m.

Location certainly plays a part but furnishing and fitting are unequivocally huge influencers, not to mention aesthetics and size. That Marina One Residences is also a luxury project replete with office and residential towers, huge retail elements and a massive ‘Green Heart’ justifies its higher premium.

It also includes a wide range of facilities including a private dining room, private lounge, multi-purpose room, 200 sqm gymnasium, putting green, teppanyaki and BBQ terraces, aquatic gym pool, 50m lap pool, children’s play area, outdoor fitness area and more.

At approximately 282,400 sqft, Marina One Residences dwarves the 72,959 sqft V on Shenton, so any comparison between the two (or any other in the area for the time being) would be like apples to oranges.

Marina One Residences transaction data graph

Lowest transacted prices for Marina One Residences according to URA data at the time of this writing is $1.37m for a 65sqm 1-bedroom unit. Most units sold range between $1.5m to $1.9m, matched closely by units in the $2m to $2.9m range. These, unsurprisingly, are the 1 and 2-bedroom sized units.

However, bigger penthouse units have seen much interest as well.

According to the developers, about 88% of the launched units in the released stack have been sold. The other stack will only open for sale after Marina One Residences is completed in 2017.

The way Marina One Residences is being built – as a Live, Work and Play – environment, it is expected that people who purchase a unit would do so for personal stay.

With office towers in the development, it is conceivable for companies to also buy units to house their executives.

But buying as an investment is just as viable because Marina Bay is one of those districts in Singapore where rental yield is extremely high.

Based on median psf for a 3-bedroom apartment, average rental for a full unit can go up as high as $12,000. Based on transacted price of $2.5m, rental yield is roughly 5.8%.

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Buying a place to live in surpasses just pricing, size and facilities. It’s more than the square feet and the amenities in the area.

Those things are important as all tangible influencers are but when you’re buying a home to live in, these factors may help to centre you but they can’t make the decision for you.

Ironically, the one thing that will help you decide is also the one thing you cannot quantify – your feelings toward the property.

How do you feel standing in the unit? Can you see yourself living there? Can you see yourself starting a family in the home? Do you feel at ease inside?

This is why many properties try to sell on feeling and emotion. To hook the audience with feel good sentiments in order to override logic and the practicality.

Marina One Residences does none of that. Marina One Residences has no need for that.

The units are luxurious and manage to shine with such a fervour that one can’t help but imagine how it must feel like to live in a 1-bedroom unit or even a penthouse.

The consistent quality of the finishing, the attention to detail and the excellent layout planning are so innocuous in their delivery that when put together, create a harmonious environment – one topped off with an abundance of green space.

Marina One Residences artist's impression

Source: M+S Pte Ltd

And greenery is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on humans. Even the sound of running water is known to induce relaxation in people. Marina One Residences embraces this and makes it the heart of the development, even naming it as such.

The feeling is one of warmth, despite the opulence, and welcoming, despite the premium prices.

It’s difficult not to sing the praises of a development like Marina One Residences when it is clear that developer M+S Pte Ltd. pulled out all the stops to deliver one of the most attractive projects on the island.

It’s not perfect of course – which development is? – but it does what it sets out to do so well that what little flaws there might be are hardly noticeable and at best, negligible.

Even its prices – in comparison with Orchard Road, is affordable- tailors Marina One Residences toward a more affluent target audience, establishing a precedent for the calibre of tenancy one can expect.

After all, anyone who choose to live in the Marina South area does so not for a uniquely Singaporean environment, but one of a more international flavour.

The vibe of the Marina Bay district is distinctively different from anywhere else in Singapore. To live here, would be to indulge in the high-life.

After all, if Marina Bay is Singapore’s Times Square, then Marina One Residences is its ‘Center of the Universe’.

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