Serangoon Central

About Serangoon Central

Serangoon Central, located in Serangoon stretches over a kilometre in length. Serangoon is now one of the most important and commercialized places in Singapore. Now let us know something about the history of Serangoon. A major Chinese settlement in the early days, Serangoon's inhabited area included the swamps and marshy land around the Serangoon River, along with prominent rubber plantations as well as fruit gardens. After redevelopment plans were put in place by the administrative authorities in the 1960s, Serangoon has developed and prospered into a preferred place for residential property investors.


The pre-existing huddles of private housing apartments co-exist with newly built housing units, especially apartments and flats within the HDB estate. The expansive estate, with 21,482 units spread out over an area of about 7.37 square km, is home to over 75,600 residents, a majority of whom are affluent Singapore citizens.


The area has all the facilities that residential purposes in an area might need, with schools, colleges, entertainment complexes such as shopping malls, cineplexes and healthcare facilities being available in the area. Other avenues of family-oriented entertainment such as the Singapore Crocodile Farm and the Serangoon Stadium are also present within a short distance from the HDB estate.


The Serangoon Central acts as a connection between the Yio Chu Kang Link road and the Serangoon Avenue 1. Over a length of a kilometre, it has 4 bus terminals. These terminals serve the citizens day and night. This well-connected network of busses make it easy for the residents to travel to any corner of the city. Furthermore, there are 29 Housing Development Board blocks in that area accommodating 2705 units. In these HDB properties, there are 3 bedrooms units, 4 bedrooms units, 5 bedrooms units and few executive units. The construction of the HDB units started in 1985 and got it completed within four years in 1989. Serangoon has a minimum postal code of 550201 and a maximum postal code of 556082. The residents of the HDB estates near the road get access to almost every facilities required for urban lifestyle. The road is sandwiched by dense commercial places, educational institutions and settlements.


The areas in Serangoon have easy access to road as well as railway transportation. Travelling in and out of Serangoon Central is quite easy. Over its length it has two bus stations – Block 261 and Block 206. You can catch any of these busses from the stations: Bus 22, 43, 53,53M, 43M and some more. Furthermore, it has the several MRT stations such as Serangoon MRT station, Lorong Chuan MRT station and Kovan MRT station. This is few minutes’ walk away from the HDB properties. Also, they have several educational institutions like primary, secondary and tertiary schools near them. These institutions are located at walking distances from the HDB units. Here are some educational institutions located on the side of Serangoon Central.


Educational institutions:

  • Apple tree
  • AGrader Learning Centre
  • Kumon Learning Centre
  • My First Skool
  • CS Montessori
  • LCentral Serangoon
  • Kinderland
  • Gabriel’s Secondary School


Moreover, the area has musical institutions nearby. The Music Atelier is less than a kilometre away from the HDB blocks near the Serangoon Central. In urban lifestyle shopping malls, parks, dine out centres, clubs and pubs are great places to wrap up some time. The HDB residents near the Serangoon Central have easy access to a lot of facilities like this. There are two parks located at both the ends of the road. The Serangoon Stadium, Serangoon Community park and the Serangoon Sunshine park are great recreational places for the HDB residents. All these parks are located within a kilometre from the HDB estates. Furthermore, the road is filled with many restaurants and dine out centres on both sides.


Dine out places:

  • Din Tai Fung
  • Swensen’s
  • Dae Ssik Sin
  • Nene Chicken
  • So Pho Nex
  • So Ramen
  • Pun Tien
  • BaskinRobbins
  • Fried Chicken master
  • Seuol Garden Nex
  • Yoshinoya


In any type of settlement there are some other basic facilities required for a peaceful living facility like health centres, police station, fire stations, ATMs, bus terminals and so on. The residents living in the HDB units near the Serangoon Central can enjoy all the facilities. There are three hospitals located within a kilometre from the HDB properties.


Health care centres:

  • Raffles Medical NEX
  • Punggon Polyclinic
  • Hospital kk
  • Daily medical centre


Shopping centres:

  • J West
  • Selffix DIY
  • Espirit
  • Helen
  • Purpur
  • NEX
  • Bata
  • Frontier
  • G-Factory


Religious places:

  • Betheseda Church
  • Bethel Presbyterian Church
  • Meow Im Kok Yuen

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 201
Serangoon Central, 550201
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 202
Serangoon Central, 550202
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 203
Serangoon Central, 550203
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 204
Serangoon Central, 550204
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 205
Serangoon Central, 550205
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 206
Serangoon Central, 550206
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BLK 207
Serangoon Central, 550207
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BLK 208
Serangoon Central, 550208
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BLK 209
Serangoon Central, 550209
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BLK 210
Serangoon Central, 550210