Sumang Walk

About Sumang Walk

Punggol HDB estate is a leasehold estate located in an area that is known as one of the oldest residential areas in Singapore. This estate which was developed on a 99-year leasehold tenure is located in an area that used to the home of farmers, especially immigrant farmers. The development of the Punggol area started in the 1960s, and there are condominiums in addition to HDB flats in the area. Punggol HDB estate is currently the focus of further development. The government since 2007 launched a project to make Punggol a prime waterfront town. Developments are also underway to make Punggol an eco-friendly town. Punggol HDB state currently has a residential population of roughly 150,000. There are abut 17,000 flats in Punggol HDB estate with more flats under construction.


The estate has also attracted facilities to ensure that its residents lead a comfortable and urban lifestyle. The facilities in the Punggol area include water recreational facilities. As an water where more flats are under construction, facilities have been made available to attract home seekers and investors. There are currently about 20 streets on Punggol HDB estate.


Sumang Walk is one of the streets on Punggol Walk. This street is located on a leasehold land with facilities to support the lifestyle of its residents. Residents of Sumang Walk thus have a easy access to a variety of facilities including shopping facilities, recreational facilities, dining facilities and transportation facilities. There are 10 blocks of HDB flats which offers flats with several flats. This area has a postal range from 822326 to 821217.


Transportation facilities available to residents of Sumang Walk include train stations such as LRT and MRT stations, public roads that lead to notable destinations and bus stops. Train stations located in the vicinity of Sumang Walk include Punggol MRT station, Cheng Lim MRT station and Sengkang MRT station. These train train stations offer an easy mode of transportation for residents of Punggol HDB estate in their vicinity. Bus stops in the vicinity of Sumang Walk. The nearby bus stops include the bus stop at Solo Teck Station where one can board buses such as buses 117, 118, 43 and 43M. There are bus stop at block 259 CP and opposite block 259 CP. At the bus stop at block 259 CP, buses such as bus 382W is available, while at the bus stop opposite block 259 CP, one can board buses such as block 382G. 


Residents of Sumang Walk also have easy access to childcare facilities which are some of the facilities that make the area adapted for functional living. There are also primary and secondary schools in the vicinity of Sumang Walk.


Nearby Childcare Facilities

  • Greenland Childcare
  • MOE Kindergarten


There are two Greenland Children branches in the vicinity of Sumang Walk. They are located at 218 Sumang Walk, #03-01 and 535 Kallang Bahru, #03-01 GB Point respectively. MOE Kindergarten is located at Punggol Cove Primary School, 52 Sumang Walk.


Nearby Primary Schools

  • Punggol Green Primary School
  • Punggol Cove Primary School
  • Punggol View Primary School


Punggol Green Primary School is located about 470 metres away. Punggol Cove Primary School is located about 800 metres away. Punggol View Primary School is located about 1.04 km away.


Nearby Secondary Schools

  • Edgefield Secondary School
  • Compassvale Secondary School
  • Punggol Secondary School


Edgefield Secondary School is located about 860 metres away. Compassvale Secondary School is located about 1.07 km away. Punggol Secondary School is located about 1.49 km away.


Lifestyle facilities are also available in the vicinity of Sumang Walk. Punggol HDB estate has several lifestyle facilities including shopping malls to cater to the needs of its residents. The nearest shopping malls to Punggol HDB estate include the following.


Nearby Shopping Malls

  • Waterway Point
  • Compass One
  • Compass Point

Waterway Point is located about 710 metres away. Compass One is located about 1.44 km away. Compass Point is also located about 1.44 km away.


The facilities available in Punggol HDB estate cater adequately to the current residential population. As the population as is expected when the flats under construction are completed and inhabited, more facilities will become available.


Some of the streets that connect to Sumang Walk include Punggol Field, Punggol Central, Sumang Lane and Sumang Link.

HDB Blocks

BLK 217A
Sumang Walk, 821217
BLK 217B
Sumang Walk, 822217
BLK 217C
Sumang Walk, 823217
BLK 217D
Sumang Walk, 824217
BLK 256A
Sumang Walk, 821256
BLK 256B
Sumang Walk, 822256
BLK 256C
Sumang Walk, 823256
BLK 322A
Sumang Walk, 821322
BLK 322B
Sumang Walk, 822322
BLK 322C
Sumang Walk, 823322