Edgedale Plains

About Edgedale Plains

Edgedale Plains in the Punggol HDB estate is a residential estate that offers home of varying sizes to home seekers on a leasehold land. The area where this estate is located is one of the first residential areas that was developed in Singapore. The area where this estate is located has natural water bodies, and plans are underway by the government to make it a premium residential area. Apart from HDB flats, there are condominiums in the area where Punggol HDB estate is located making the area a well-established residential area even with plans of expansion underway. Punggol HDB estate is currently the home of about 150,000 persons. There are currently about 20,000 flats in Punggol HDB estate with about 2,000 more flats under construction.


The estate was built with a 99-year leasehold tenure. The area where Punggol HDB estate used to be a fishing village before the development that made it a prime residential area started. The development of the Punggol area started in 1960s. From 2007, the government of Singapore has invested into the area to make it the waterfront town of the 21st century and a model eco-friendly area. The Punggol HDB area is known for facilities which include sporting facilities for cycling, watersports and other sporting enthusiasts. There are also residential parks in the vicinity of Punggol HDB estate.


Punggol HDB estate has several streets, and these streets have a varying number of flats. Edgedale Plains is one of the streets on Punggol HDB estate. This street was built in 2003 and the last development was in 2004. There are 62 blocks of flats in Edgedale Plains with postal codes from 820125 to 823684. These blocks hold 2,901 flats. There are flats of varying sizes on Edgedale Plains. The types of flats available on this street include four-room HDB flats and five-room HDB flats. Even though the flats on Edgedale Plains were developed in the 21st century, some of them have been renovated to include features such as a bombshelter.


The availability of abundant facilities in the vicinity of a residential estate is a major part of its residential appeal. The streets of Punggol HDB have facilities to cater to the needs of residents. The available facilities are also well distributed to ensure that the needs of residents are appropriately met.


Residents of Edgedale Plains have easy access to a variety of facilities which include transportation facilities, childcare facilities and recreational facilities. It is also worth mentioning that there are educational facilities which include primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in the vicinity of Punggol HDB estate. The facilities are so well distributed in the Edgedale Plains area that the homes of some residents are so just these facilities.


Transportation facilities in the vicinity of Edgedale Plains include train stations and bus stops. The nearby MRT stations include Punggol MRT station, Sengkang MRT station and Buangkok MRT station. Bus stops are also available in the vicinity of this street. The nearby bus stops include the bus stop at block 108 and the bus stop at block 173B. The buses available at the bus stop at block 108 include buses 3, 62 and 83. The buses available at the bus stop at block 173B include buses 62, 62A, 3 and 6N.


Nearby childcare facilities and educational facilities that can cater to the needs of residents of Edgedale Plains include the following.


Nearby Childcare Facilities

  • PCF Punggol North (located at 172C Edgedale Plains, #01-472)
  • NTUC My First Skool (located at 267A Punggol Field)
  • My First Skool (located at 126A Edgedale Plains)
  • Sweetlands Childcare Punggol 612 Pte. Ltd.


Nearby Primary Schools

  • Mee Toh Primary School (located about 110 metres away)
  • Greendale Primary School (located about 400 metres away)
  • Rivervale Primary School (located about 510 metres away)


Nearby Secondary Schools

  • Greendale Secondary School (located about 350 metres away)
  • Punggol Secondary School (located about 730 metres away)
  • Chij St. Joseph's Convent (located about 830 metres away.)


There are also shopping malls in the vicinity of Edgedale Plains to cater adequately to the needs of residents.


Nearby Shopping Malls

  • Punggol Plaza
  • Rivervale Mall
  • Rivervale Plaza


Punggol Plaza is located about 480 metres away. Rivervale Mall is located about 610 metres away. Rivervale Mall is located about 1.35 km away.


Some of the streets that lead to Edgedale Plains include Punggol Central, Punggol Field and Punggol Drive

HDB Blocks

BLK 109A
Edgedale Plains, 821109
BLK 109C
Edgedale Plains, 823109
BLK 109D
Edgedale Plains, 824109
BLK 120A
Edgedale Plains, 821120
BLK 120B
Edgedale Plains, 822120
BLK 122A
Edgedale Plains, 821122
BLK 122B
Edgedale Plains, 822122
BLK 126A
Edgedale Plains, 821126
BLK 126B
Edgedale Plains, 822126
BLK 126C
Edgedale Plains, 823126