Bukit Batok Street 33

About Bukit Batok Street 33

Bukit Batok Street 33 is situated in Bukit Batok HDB Estate. Including around 114k+ of HDB residents and ~40k flats, Bukit Batok HDB Estate has become one of the most promising places for the people in Singapore. Established in the year 1970s, Bukit Batok has become a renowned planning area in Singapore and a place for families, employees and people who come with aspiration. Presence within the surroundings of commercial hubs, industries, education institution etc. makes Bukit Batok HDB Estate a sound investment for potential investors. Bukit Batot has everything for everyone if we are to be precise. The place is filled with affordable housings as well as some magnificent mansions as well. It’s the peaceful cohabitation of people with multiple financial, education and ethnic background is what makes Bukit Batok one of the most preferred HDB Estate in Singapore. Bukit Batok is surrounded by other planning areas such as Brickworks, Guilin, Hillview, Hong Kah North and more.


Comprising 13 blocks with 1132 unit of HDBs, the Bukit Batok Street 33 with the postal code range of 650319 to 650331. The oldest development Bukit Batok Street 33 in 1985 and the newest 1988. Bukit Bakot Street 33 consists of uncountable apartments ranging from 3 Room units, 4 Room units and 5 Room units. People looking for high-end units can opt for Executive units.


Travelling around Bukit Batok Street 33 is a piece of cake due to its proximity to a wide range of road and railway transport network. Along the stretch of Avenue 1, you can quickly catch a bus over all these bus stations nearby — Blk 324, Blk 419, Blk 315, Blk 331, Bt Batok Home For The Aged, Blk 306, St. Anthony's Pr Sch, Blk 334, Blk 406 and Opp Blk 336 etc. You can quickly hop on to any of these buses to get to your destination — SBS - 66, 157, 174E, 506 Express, 8N and SMRT - 173, 176, 178, 188, 941, 945, 947 963, NR8.


On top of that, there’s one MRT station in the vicinity —Bukit Gombak MRT Station (NS3) is just 8 min walking away from the Beauty Garden. People who love to drive will find Bukit Batok Street 33 extremely accessible, as it is linked directly to Bukit Batok Road and Bukit Batok west avenue 5.


Bukit Batok Street 33 is also a great place to settle with family due to its numerous availability of day care centres; primary schools and secondary schools.


Daycare centres:

Parents can leave their children at the day care centre, where qualified governesses are trained to take care of little children.

  • The Moral Childcare
  • PAP Community Foundation, Hong Kah North Education Centre
  • Little Wonders Montessori Childcare Centre - Jalan Remaja Branch
  • Cherie Hearts Kidz Lodge Pte Ltd
  • Maple Bear Hillview
  • Little Wonders Montessori Childcare Pte Ltd
  • Star Learners Childcare Centre - Bukit Batok


Primary & Secondary schools:

  • Dazhong Primary School
  • Maths Rally School
  • Swiss Cottage Secondary
  • Hillgrove Secondary School


Bukit Bakot Street 33 includes an extensive variety of modern facilities catering to the needs of people looking for an urban lifestyle. Numerous dining places, restaurants, food courts, food chain and local food stalls lie next to every block. People with faith don’t have to book a cab to pray at their associated worship places, as ample worship places are already there inside Bukit Bakot Street 33. For Medicare, residents can easily access high-end hospitals, pharmacies, govt clinics, and polyclinics within minutes of walking distance. For entertainment, residents can visit the nearest shopping malls, theatres, entertainment hubs, cinemas and recreational centres as well. Nightclubs and pubs are also within reach to fulfil the requirements of residents.


Recreational parks:

  • Bukit Batok Hillside Park
  • Bukit Batok Town Park
  • Little Guilin
  • Jalan Remaja Interim Park


Shopping malls:

  • West Mall (~8 mins walk from Beauty Garden)
  • Bukit Batok West Shopping Centre (~25 mins walk from Beauty Garden)
  • Cosway (~21 mins walk from Beauty Garden)


Dine-out places:

  • Nurul Delights
  • Alif Restaurant
  • Foodfare @ Bukit Batok Driving Centre
  • Koufu Food Court


Bukit Batok Street 33 is also connected to other HDB streets such as Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 and Bukit Batok Street 32

HDB Blocks

HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 320
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650320
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 321
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650321
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 322
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650322
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 323
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650323
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 324
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650324
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 325
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650325
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 326
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650326
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 329
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650329
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 330
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650330
HDB Blocks Picture
BLK 331
Bukit Batok Street 33, 650331