How High-end Condominiums Are Redefining City Living

31 Jan 2024

It’s difficult to pinpoint when condominiums began dominating urban landscapes, but their evolution from nondescript residential buildings to design icons is undeniable. In Singapore, one of the most densely populated cities in the world, condos certainly stand out as prominent features within the diverse housing landscape.  

Over the past few years, luxury condominiums have been woven into the country’s skyline, alongside commercial skyscrapers. With the growing popularity of such properties, Singapore may witness a sustained rise in high-end condominiums that expertly blend exclusivity and comfort.  

Here’s what you should know about how high-end condominiums redefine city living.


Elegance with a purpose 

For many luxury condo developers, extravagant decor and expensive fittings should transcend mere aesthetics. They should serve as crucial differentiators, drawing discerning homebuyers who seek residences that reflect sophistication. This might manifest through exquisite interior designs, smart home features, or high-end finishes. 

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Step into a luxury condo, such as Low Keng Huat (S) Limited’s Klimt Cairnhill (Winner, Best Ultra Luxury Condo Development and Best Ultra Luxury Condo Interior Design, PropertyGuru Asia Awards Singapore 2023), and you’re greeted by a symphony of exquisite details.


The development exudes unmistakable luxury, beginning with its exclusive address along Cairnhill Road, known as “The Golden District,” where many of Singapore’s pioneering business founders established their presence.

The condo features a grand, double-height lobby, an exclusive multi-use clubhouse, and residential units with European Art Deco-inspired design bathrooms. These design touches and amenities collectively elevate the project above conventional residences.


Similarly, the luxury freehold hilltop residence Terra Hill (Winner, Best Premium Condo Interior Design) by Hoi Hup Sunway Kent Ridge Pte Ltd, doesn’t compromise on sophistication.

Designed by award-winning firm P & T Consultants, the elegant touches are evident throughout, from designer concept ceiling fans to the fully fitted kitchen featuring high-quality appliances from De Dietrich, France.

The decor and fittings in these condos aren’t merely decorative flourishes. They’re tangible expressions of luxury, serving as both aspirational symbols and functional enhancements.


Developers spare no expense 

While every developer follows their own rules and crafts a unique formula for creating a high-end condo, what ultimately unifies their projects is the commitment to spare no expense when it comes to adding opulent touches. This dedication is what distinguishes their creations from regular condos.

Take, for example, the 3-bedroom premium units at Watten House (WinnerBest Luxury Condo DevelopmentBest Luxury Condo Architectural Design and Best Luxury Landscape Design), developed by UOL Group (Winner, Best Residential Developer, Best Sustainable Developer, Special Recognition in Sustainable Design and Construction, Sustainable in ESG) and Singapore Land Group. 


The units in the development feature expansive balconies offering scenic views of well-manicured courtyards, along with private lifts and marble flooring in living and dining areas.


Expansive spaces offer residents more than just square footage – they provide a heightened sense of freedom. Developers of luxury properties know that spaciousness not only enhances comfort but also provides an exclusive canvas for residents’ personalised aesthetics. They incorporate premium materials, advanced designs, and lavish amenities into their projects, which for many homebuyers are essential and therefore worth the investment. 


Art and innovation in harmony 

High-end condos are increasingly adopting innovations in architecture and design, influencing residents’ choices in luxury living. More and more developers are integrating smart home technology and prioritising environmental design, effectively redefining the standards for premium condo living.

The synergy of art and technology is exemplified in developments like The Continuum (Winner, Best Premium Condo Development, Best Lifestyle Development, Best Premium Condo Architectural Design, Best Sales Gallery Architectural Design, Best Lifestyle Developer) by Hoi Hup Sunway Katong Pte Ltd. 


The Katong Road development offers future residents smart home features in its Prestige Collection and Signature Collection units.


These home features include an intelligent doorbell for easy visitor monitoring, an automatic lock that facilitates keyless entry, and an energy-efficient temperature control system with an intelligent air conditioning system. Additionally, a smart gateway linking all homeowners’ devices enables residents to oversee their homes from any location.  

Such a level of control and awareness empowers residents to live more efficient lives. These condos, equipped with state-of-the-art tech, are intelligent ecosystems that adapt to homeowners’ needs and preferences, setting a new standard for comfort, convenience, and security. 


The unlikely pairing of sustainability and luxury 

Many luxury condo developers are also aligning more with sustainability demands in the real estate market. Recognising the growing importance of eco-conscious living, developers consider environmentally friendly practices and technologies. From energy-efficient appliances to sustainable building materials, they demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact.


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