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As we progressed to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) in Singapore, many of us were happy to able to jump back into facials and meet up with one person to dine outside.

And if things continue to look up, we might be able to gather in groups of up to 5 people from mid-July! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

With our daily lives changing gradually like this, how do you think property seekers’ behaviour might have changed over the month?

When to Focus Your Listings

A complete flip from the previous month, property seekers now have moved their property shopping towards the weekend.

They started picking up from Thursday and peaking from Saturday to Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday saw a lull.

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While the days of the week shifted substantially, the time of the day continues to remain the same – with property seekers continuing to pick up gradually from 8AM and holding strong till 5PM, taking a dinner break between 6PM-7PM and going up again between 8PM-10PM.

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Where to Focus Your Listings

Commercial Listings

When we look at the commercial listings, City & South West (D01-08) and Balestier/Geylang (D12-14) continue to be highly popular amongst property seekers, significantly surpassing the other parts of Singapore.

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However, the top 2 districts with the largest market gap are Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) and East Coast (D15-16).

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Residential Listings

When we look at residential listings, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) and City & South West (D01-08) continue to be highly popular amongst property seekers.

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If we looked at the market gap, Serangoon/Thomson (D19-20) is still a great district to focus on. However, the district with the largest market gap is undeniably West (D22-24).

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Apr 21, 2022
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Jul 08, 2021
Hey, Great informative blog and nice tips for thehome developers/Agents