As Singapore’s #1 property portal with 70% market share¹, part of PropertyGuru’s commitment is to continuously deliver quality results and offer increased value to our partner agents.

Through the years, we have invested resources into understanding and evolving with the ever-changing consumer demands and expectations.

With our insights gathered and honed expertise, we’ve been able to connect our agents with an average of 5.5 million engaged property seekers each month².

Since the cooling measures in 2018 kicked in, PropertyGuru also delivered 15% more leads to agents³ across various channels of our platform. To ensure they continue benefiting from this success, our teams worked hard in rolling our numerous new upgrades and features in 2019.

Some of them were:
  • Listing Performance Insights

An enhancement made to AgentNet that gives agents actionable insights on each individual listing, based on real-time data.


Through this upgrade, agents are able to effectively know how their listings compare against other similar listings and get tips on improving their listings.

Find out more about Listing Performance Insights.

  • SocialCast on Facebook

This new product was specially designed with the idea of ‘retargeting’ by letting agents transform their PropertyGuru listings into Facebook ‘Sponsored Ads’.


The powerful thing about using SocialCast on Facebook is that your Sponsored Ad is specially targeted at engaged PropertyGuru property seekers. This way, our agents can be assured of the quality of their leads.

Find out more about SocialCast on Facebook.

  • Market Supply Gap

Under the ‘Insights’ tab in your AgentNet sits the Market Supply Gap which was designed to highlight business opportunities for our property agents.

Market Supply Gap

Through this feature, we matched consumer search volume against listing supplies to call-out listings that are high in demand and low in supply – therefore representing a market gap that our agents can fill.

Find out more about Market Supply Gap.


With our constant innovations and advancements, we ensure that we’re able to cater and meet the ever-changing consumer demands and expectations. To allow us to continue doing this, we regularly review our pricing structure. As a result of our most recent review, there will be revisions to our agent packages, entitlements, and Ad credits.

These are the new package offerings that will be effective from 1 September 2019 (Sunday), 12:00 AM:

pgsg_package_pricing wo logo


Here’s a table with more details on the changes:



Entitlements across all packages remain the same, except for the Standard Package:

pgsg_package_entitlement wo logo


Pricings on ad credit have also been updated, with each ad credit going up by $0.15:

pgsg_alacarte_pricing wo logo


As we continuously strive to keep our platform accessible to both experienced property agents and new entrants to the industry, these revisions come with the following offers:

icons_text_2 version 2

With this implementation, our Chief Business Officer, Jeremy Williams has written a letter to you, sharing his perspective and direction on the matter. You can read it the note here.

Please refer to the FAQs for clarifications. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (+65) 6238 5971 or

Alternatively, agent partners are invited to a live chat session called ‘ Ask-Me-Anything’, hosted on 13 August 2019, 4:30PM, by Dr. Tan Tee Khoon, Country Manager, Singapore. Agents are welcome to register in the form below or at

PropertyGuru greatly appreciates our partnership with our valuable agents, and we look forward to continue delivering the best results and performance to you.


¹Source: 3rd party SimilarWeb data, Jan – Jun 2019
²Source: Google Analytics data, Jan – Jun 2019
³Source: PropertyGuru internal data, Singapore annual data, Year 2017 – 2019

Apr 08, 2020
Property guru should consider keeping the rate status quo due to the current situation and the struggles ahead, there is no point giving a relief package when the current rate will increase additional 20% and up. whats the point of sugar coating the package when its obviously much more than last year. Property guru should consider and allow agents to bring over whatever left over credits that have not being used from previous year. If not its such a waste to just restart the credit afresh again. Agents are struggling to survive during this hard times. hope you will work out something more feasible for existing agents to survive .