Do you feel that new condo projects could use more exposure?

With almost 80,000 sale listings on PropertyGuru, it can be difficult for property seekers to view exclusively new projects.

Our Gurus have been hard at work and just made an enhancement that drive your new project listings more traffic and leads – by making them more accessible and prominent to property seekers!

This new enhancement only applies to private residential condominiums.

What are the new changes?

When property seekers click on the “buy” tab, they can instantly view new projects.

unified search 6

unified search 1 update

If you’re a Corporate Account holder, your profile image icon will be rectangular, showing a clear distinction between an agent account and yours.

unified search 5

How will new project listings look?

New project listings will come with an outstanding tag, calling out that it’s a brand new project. It also highlights the year the project will be launched.

unified search 2 update

Whereas for listings that aren’t considered new projects, will have tags that will look like this instead:

unified search 3

With an increase in visibility for new projects, we hope that it opens more channels for you to receive high quality leads, resulting in an actual transaction.

Let’s look forward to a future of possibilities, together.

-PropertyGuru Team

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