Redefining property search as we know it – PropertyGuru recently launched the beta version of our PropertyGuru Lens for iOS. Through the powers of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, PropertyGuru Lens basically transforms your smartphone into a real-world search device.

Simply by pointing your mobile phone at a building, PropertyGuru Lens analyses the visual data using AR and AI – before using geo-location technology to accurately identify which building you’re looking at. Then you will see all the listings available on PropertyGuru on that building.

With the power of PropertyGuru Lens, your listings get even more exposure to property seekers. Property agents no longer need to rely solely on keywords to gather leads; their listings will automatically show up in front of interested property seekers.

 So how does PropertyGuru Lens help you as an agent?

#1 Reduce Competition from Similar Listings

Let’s say the property seeker searches for a property in your district – he/she might get to see your listing; but he/she will also see several other similar listings.

The property seeker is then distracted with choices and this could reduce your success rates significantly.

However PropertyGuru Lens cuts through the noise and pops up available listings specifically in that property. So you can be sure that if you have a listing in a property the property seeker has in front of him/her, it will be seen.

#2 Higher Customer Conversion Rates

When a customer searches for listings, there’s a chance of dropping off if:

  1. They’re unsure of what words to search with
  2. Forgot about the property that interested them

However with PropertyGuru Lens, they can view available listings immediately and in real-time – without having to use any words at all.

#3 Property Seekers Can Find You More Easily

With PropertyGuru Lens, you have another channel of gathering quality leads that are interested in your listing specifically.

This means your property seekers are no longer confined to scrolling through endless search results on their mobile phones or desktops. They can be on road and still become a potential lead for you.

Come Co-create with Us

By continuously innovating and investing in technologies for our agents, PropertyGuru Lens is a means to bring interested property seekers directly to the agents with the most relevant listings.

PropertyGuru’s Chief Technology Officer Manav Kamboj called it “a highly ambitious idea”, adding that “PropertyGuru Lens is learning and will become better over time”.

The technology is currently in beta phase and constantly evolving – and we want to welcome more and more people to come test out this innovation with us! We’d like to invite you to co-create PropertyGuru Lens with us!

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How to use PropertyGuru Lens?

1. Launch your PropertyGuru app (make sure it’s updated!)

2. Tap on the camera icon next to the search bar


3. Hold up your mobile phone and point its camera toward a building


4. Circle-icons indicate there are listings available – tap on them to find out more!


We look forward to constantly delivering cutting-edge innovations and working closely with property agents to build an even better property platform.

With PropertyGuru, property seekers can now Point, Discover & Enquire about your property listings even more easily.

-PropertyGuru Team

Check out our PropertyGuru Lens video here!