Update to Quality Photos Guide Hard Enforcement Date

You (our valuable agents) spoke and we listened! 

We heard plenty of feedback on how you need more time to achieve 100% quality photos – especially for agents with multiple listings. Which is why we have moved our Quality Photos Guide hard enforcement date from 25 March 2019 to 2 May 2019

This means that your listing photos with the overlay (as seen below) will not yet be suspended from public viewing on 25 March 2019.

By giving you more time, we hope you’ll benefit from a smoother to 100% quality photos and ensure your photos to meet the requirements of our Quality Photos Guide. We sincerely look forward to building an even better platform for property seekers and generating higher quality leads for you, our property agents. 

However please do work through your listing photos with that have been flagged out (like below), as they’ll be suspended from public view from 2 May 2019. And work toward achieving 100% quality photos!

Warning Overlay3jpg


Why is it important to achieve 100% Quality Photos?

Your property listing is actually a lot like an online dating profile – and you are hoping to successfully schedule a ‘date’ (property viewing) with the right people.

What’s the most important thing on an online dating profile?

That’s right – the photos.

Over our years in proptech, our findings have consistently shown that good quality photos that provide a holistic view of the property brings higher success rates.

Whether your listing has good quality photos or not take property seekers down very different paths. One path could lead them to turn away from your listing and view another agent’s listing instead – another could build your reputation as a professional and trustworthy property agent many property seekers are keenly looking out for.

AIME Illustration - Gera - 01

However if you give your listings bad photos, you have inevitably created a bad quality listing which pushes property seekers away and to view other listings instead.

AIME Illustration - Gera - 02

When your listing doesn’t have good quality photos to engage property seekers – you are driving your customers to your competitors instead.

Standing at the forefront of PropTech, PropertyGuru sees the importance of empowering our agents to stand out amongst competition and grant higher exposure to quality listings for property seekers.

Our Movement to 100% Quality Photos

Our team at PropertyGuru has developed a smart artificial intelligence technology that has been trained to detect quality of photos.

This technology has the ability to identify and allow only good quality photos to be successfully published and visible to property seekers.

Here’s a look at the timeline on our movement to 100% quality photos on PropertyGuru:



During the soft enforcement (30 January-2 May 2019), our artificial intelligence will scan photos that you’ve newly uploaded to see if they meet the requirements of our Quality Photos Guide. (Find out more about our Quality Photos Guide here!)

Whereas with the hard enforcement (2 May 2019) onward, all photos will be vetted by our artificial intelligence to see if they meet the requirements. 

Photos that fail the requirements of the Quality Photos Guide will be suspended and not be visible to the public. 

Request Review

So what should you do now before the hard enforcement? 

  1. Log into AgentNet go to your Listings Management page
  2. Look out for listings that have this red warning triangle sign – it indicates the number of photos that will be suspended from 2 May 2019 onward 

Dummy Listing with Warning

Listings with photos that are either already suspended or have warnings will see this pop-up when you try to exit that listing’s page. 

Soft Launch (28th January)

Previously uploaded photos that failed our Quality Photos Guide requirements will see this overlay, but are still visible to public. However it’s important to replace them as soon as possible to avoid them from being suspended (and therefore removed from public viewing) before 2 May 2019.

Common-suspended-Soft Launch (28th January)

If you should feel that your photo actually does meet the requirements of our Quality Photos Guide – you can click on the “…” button on the top-right of the suspended photos to ‘Request Review’. Find out more how to lodge an appeal. 

Alternatively, we have some answers ready in our help article on why your photos are flagged and not published.

Expend image

To add on – all listings on PropertyGuru will soon see an upgrade in photo size! All cover photo tiles will be significantly larger and take up much more screen space than they currently do. So it’s even more important for you to make sure you have great photos to really give property seekers a great impression of you! 

Be sure to keep a lookout for that exciting update! 

We’re also super excited about a brand new feature launching next month, that’ll really make your great photos stand out – stay tuned!

So log into AgentNet right now to identify the listing photos that need some fixing! 

CTA Button01

This effort is all part and parcel of PropertyGuru’s constant innovations to empower our agents to deliver more value to property seekers by providing what they want. By doing so, we are confident that, agents’ will reap the benefits of getting more, better quality leads and ultimately actual transactions.

Win a Free Spotlight when you achieve 100% Quality Photos! 

At PropertyGuru, we’re constantly working toward building an even better platform for our property seekers, and we want to thank our agents for working with us to achieve this. 

Agents who have successfully worked toward zero suspended photos by 25 March 2019 (Quality Photos Guide Hard Enforcement), will get to Spotlight a listing of their choice for free! That listing will enjoy 7 full days of enhanced appearance to stand out amongst other listings, along with super convenient contact buttons for property seekers. 

Winning agents will be contacted by us via email and SMS – so do keep a look out! 

(Read Terms & Conditions here)

Check out the FAQs and other help articles for more info.

Esther Yin
Aug 07, 2021
Customer Woes: As a user, I'm finding it extremely hard to figure out the suitability of the homes that are listed. Reasons being: 1. On Android smartphone, the pictures in particular the floor plans are often too small to be readable. The constant need to screenshot and enlarge makes it extremely hard and tedious to find what one is after 2. Most photos are of rather poor quality, and badly proportioned (eg. What is the point of showing a huge bed in a room with the room boundaries cut off or scaled out 3. The photos could not be enlarged and render them useless as a marketing tool. Please rectify Hope these issues can be addressed to improve the customer experience. Thanks
Patrick Reagan
Jun 29, 2019
The photo quality from the agents are poor at at best. The take shots of a corner of the balcony, half of the bathroom. If they would use common sense and just add the filter of what would they want to see if they were in our shoes. It's always a very frustrating experience.
Florence Lim
Apr 16, 2019
Has the reposting credit been increased from 2 to 5 or 7?
Feb 18, 2019
Dear PropertyGuru User, Please contact us @ 6238 5971 or send us an email to custcare@propertyguru.com.sg for assistance to your request. Thank you for using Propertyguru for your property needs.
Irene Chua
Feb 11, 2019
Please contact me, i have been calling fews times today unable to reach the customer officer who can let me know why suspended my adv photos?