Townships built exclusively for foreigners not allowed in Malaysia

Romesh Navaratnarajah25 Sep 2018

The Forest City development in Johor was recently criticised for being heavily marketed to Chinese buyers and other foreigners.

Malaysia’s Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng clarified that while foreigners are welcome to acquire properties in Malaysia, the government is against projects built solely for foreign buyers, reported the Business Times.

“Let me be clear that our Prime Minister (Mahathir Mohamad) does not oppose foreigners buying properties in Malaysia, but when townships are built exclusively for foreigners, how does that benefit the country and Malaysians? This, the government will not accept,” Lim was quoted as saying in his keynote speech at the 2018 Annual Property Developers Conference.

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Although Lim did not name any specific project, Dr Mahathir recently criticised the Forest City development.

Built on four man-made islands in the Johor Strait and facing Singapore’s Tuas, the development, which is led by China’s Country Garden, had been heavily marketed to Chinese buyers and other foreigners.

Earlier this month, Dr Mahathir said foreigners can acquire residential units at Forest City but would not be issued visas to live in the country.

Lim noted that no country would allow the construction of housing projects primarily aimed at foreign buyers.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We are not preventing foreigners from buying your projects. After all, the projects are open and available to everyone, Malaysians and foreigners. Foreign buyers buying property is not a problem. We welcome that because, after all, they are bringing money into Malaysia,” he said.

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Richard Sky
Sep 26, 2018
I do not believe there is development built exclusively for foreigners. However, i believe developer built with the intention to able to sell them all and earn maximum profit. In order to achieve both the foreigners and local can buy, they will have to price their units at or above the minimum purchase price set by the government i,e RM1million in most areas. Now most local are not buying as the price is beyond their affordable limits and not value for money. Hence it result in the fact that seems only foreigners are buying in the development. I would suggest the Minister(s) should take a good review of this policy. It is like a taste of their own medicine. The policy benefits the developers but not their people.

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