First impressions are everything, you have two seconds to get noticed during a property search. Once a property catches the eye of a buyer, they turn to well-written descriptions and specific property details to understand if a new home is that right fit for them.

The most effective detail listing page fully describe a property’s qualities and features, and use well-lit, well-framed images to show off the best features.

We know that the appearance of your listing matters, which is why we’re making some design changes to the look and feel of detail listing pages to make them even more engaging to property buyers and seekers.

Bigger, more prominent images


We’re giving your property photo a new prominence with a sliding gallery of images. It’s the first thing that property seekers will notice about your listing, so we’re showing your property images off in a more eye-catching and updated layout.

Here are some tips on how to create an eye-catching listing.

Clean, easily discovered listing details

Pinacle detail

The information on listing details pages is critical to a property seeker’s property search. That’s why we’re making it easier to discover information about the property type, size, availability and more.

With this new, clean interface, property seekers can quickly locate the details that matter and decide if this is the right home for them.

Note: With the new layout, your property description will be more important than ever!

Come see how much better your listing looks, check out the updated Listing Detail Page.


yxez me
Jul 23, 2018
I have seen so many unappetizing listings by agents, where they just took photos in the "as it is" state of the unit. That is cluttered rooms with laundry thrown all over sofa, brooms and mops in bathrooms, bedrooms full of dirty toys. They don't even bother do simple removal of such unsightly items befoe taking a photo. This shows how serious the agents are in helping to sell the units. I will definitely never bother to engage such agents.