Condo Details Pages are amongst the most visited on PropertyGuru. More than 100,000 property seekers visit Condo Details Pages every day to learn more about the property, connect with knowledgeable agents and discover available listings.

The way you display your property listing matters, and property seekers are always looking for bright, clean images and content that speaks to their needs. We’re taking our own advice!

This week the Condo Details Pages got a facelift – from the way condo images and details are displayed, to the way we promote our Condo Featured Agents. We’re making huge improvements to the look, the feel and the functionality of condo details pages.

We designed this mobile first, which means all these improvements look even better to property seekers on-the-go. And this matters because over 60% of web visits to PropertyGuru are done on mobile.

With mobile-first design, more prominent advertising for Condo Featured Agents, and better functionality – it’s a winning combination that will result in more engagement on our condo details page, and more leads for you.



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Bigger, more prominent images

Property Seekers rely on visual cues, so we’re bringing condo images to the forefront. The gallery of photos is larger, more eye-catching and displayed in an updated layout.


Clean, easily discovered Condo Details

With the huge amounts of traffic visiting condo pages every day, we know that the information on condo pages is critical to a consumer’s property search. That’s why we’re making it easier for property seekers to discover information about the location, condo information and available units.

With this new, clean interface, consumers can quickly locate the details that matter and decide if this is the right place for them.


Better visibility for Condo Featured Agents

Condo Featured Agent is a unique branding opportunity. It’s a great way for agents to demonstrate to property seekers, owners, and other agents looking to co-broke that you’re uniquely knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of a specific condo.

Before Condo Featured Agents were listed to the right side of the page, a place that is typically used for advertisements. 

In our new layout, Condo Featured Agents are part of the main content, in line with the description of the condo, giving agents added prominence and authority.

Seamless enquiry process for Condo Featured Agents

With this new level of visibility, it’s important that interested buyers and sellers can contact you easily.

In the past, Condo Featured Agents on condo details pages were linked to their agent profiles. Interested buyers and sellers were expected to find and fill out a blank lead form, creating extra work to get in touch and get going.

The new design makes it easier for buyers and sellers to send you an enquiry. With the click of prominent “Contact” and “Contact All” buttons, a pre-filled enquiry form containing the name of the condo will be displayed right where they are and blasted off with just another click.

With a seamless process, Condo Featured Agents will receive more leads and gain better insight into where leads originate.


More exposure for Condo Featured Agents & Boosted Listings

Displayed in a carousel format, the updated Available Units section will now be more easily accessible and will showcase listings with larger images to capture the attention of property seekers.

Latest listings of Condo Featured Agents will be given priority display here, now followed by listings that are boosted!

With these upgrades, you can now build your credibility and drive more exposure for your listings.


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