Below are three attributes that every property agent in Singapore should possess. 

1. Knowledgeable 

A licensed property agent should be up-to-date with the existing rules, such as those involving HDB flats, private homes and commercial real estate. This is to provide accurate and effective advice to clients as well as handle necessary paperwork without issues.

They should also be familiar with the property market to maximise the profits of their customers or minimise loss. Aside from knowing how to perform due diligence on behalf of their clients, a salesperson must also comply with laws and statutory requirements, particularly those implemented by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

2.Attention to details 

A real estate agent who takes note of the things their clients want is more likely to succeed in selling a home. Aside from trying to create catchy listings, they also devote time to taking pictures or selecting photographs that will attract buyers.

In addition, agents that pay attention to details are more likely to prevent a prospective buyer from acquiring a house with hidden defects and health hazards. They can help spot leaky pipes and faulty electrical wiring as well as termite and rat infestations. 

3. Honesty and integrity  

A respectable property agent should uphold CEA’s Code of Ethics & Professional Client Care. He or she must always protect and look after the interests of their clients even if it may cause some inconvenience to the agent.

The surest way of losing future customers is to develop a bad reputation as no one wants to deal with an agent who often lies and cheats just to earn easy money. More importantly, agents who break the rules can face imprisonment and hefty fines.


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