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Renovations are no walk in the park. Among other struggles, finding the right budget can feel like a headless stumble in the dark. Introducing Qanvast Renovation Calculator – the first in Singapore, powered by data from over $20 million worth of renovation contracts – a convenient online feature that lets you plan and calculate your ideal renovation budget in 3 simple steps.

Simply fill up the necessary fields and watch as a personalised budget amount is generated for you – in a matter of minutes! Each entry also comes with a unique budget breakdown report that provides budget trends, budget allocations and useful renovation cost hacks, all to prepare you on your journey to become a whip-smart renovator.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fill in key details about your home

To get started, select the options that best match your home’s profile. These details, such as property size and type, are important for determining how much you will need to set aside for your renovation.

Step 1 renovation calculator

Based on local trends, home profiles play an important role in deciding final renovation budgets (and estimates).

  • It costs more on average to renovate an HDB flat ($53,000) than a condominium home ($49,000).
  • On average, resale homes cost almost twice as much to renovate ($74,500) compared to new properties ($42,000) in the same class.

Step 1 budget report

Step 2: Decide on the extent of renovation works to be done

Tasks like painting, wiring and hacking may be the mainstays of most renovations, however, what really matters is the degree to which they are carried out, which has a greater influence on your budget.

This is exactly why Qanvast’s Renovation Calculator also gives you the option to calculate your budget based on the extent of work that you would like done for a particular task (e.g. carpentry, masonry), be it light, moderate or extensive. Each option also includes an estimated budget range to give you a rough idea of how things will add up.

Step 2 extent of renovation works

Step 3: Account for Extra and/or Hidden Costs

Once you have completed the sections detailing your home’s profile and the types of works that you would like done, Qanvast’s Renovation Calculator will give you an estimated cost range for your interior makeover, along with a nifty breakdown of the costs.

But that’s not all! Unfortunately, in real life, things don’t always add up nicely the way they should. Be it last minute alterations, unforeseen structural issues, or even moving costs, these renovation hiccups can cause your final renovation bill to balloon.

For this reason, it is advisable to set aside a contingency buffer (10 to 20 percent of your renovation budget). Don’t forget to include the total cost of your furniture and appliances – typically $10,000 to $30,000 – to get a more accurate picture!

Step 3 Your estimated budget

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