Amendments to Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act tabled in Parliament

2 Aug 2017


In a bid to improve transparency and governance in the running of strata-titled developments, a total of 33 amendments to the city-state’s Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act were tabled in Parliament, and if passed – will mark the first revision to the law since its introduction in April 2005, reported Channel News Asia.

Among the key amendments is a cap on the number of proxy votes one can hold – at either two percent of total lots within a development or two owners, whichever is higher – in order to prevent a certain owner from gathering proxy votes to push their interest.

The existing law does not contain any restriction on the number of proxies one can hold.

Other proposed changes include allowing the installation of safety equipment like safety grilles to protect children, in the absent of design guidelines for the development, and prohibiting a person from holding more than one office bearer position. Developments with 10 or fewer lots, however, are exempted from the said rule.

Other amendments include securing the consent of nominees before they can be elected into the council and giving the Commissioner of Building’s powers to appoint an official manager to lead the management corporations (MCSTs) in times of emergency or critical situation.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) revealed that the proposed changes were the result of various rounds of consultation with stakeholders, which include occupiers, subsidiary proprietors, managing agents and council members of MCSTs.

BCA noted that the proposed changes were supported by the majority of the respondents during the final public consultation round.


This article was edited by Denise Djong.


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