Period to implement HIP projects varies, says MND

5 Jul 2017


The implementation of Home Improvement Programme (HIP) projects varies, depending on various factors such as complexity of the design, revealed the Ministry of National Development in Parliament on Tuesday (4 July).

In answering MP Png Eng Huat’s question on the period taken to implement HIP projects, the ministry said the process in which HDB will call Design and Build tenders to procure contractors and consultants for the HIP project would generally take around eight months.

“Once the tenders have been awarded, the contractors and consultants will work with HDB and the HIP Working Committees, which comprise representatives from the Town Council, grassroots leaders and residents, to design and work out the HIP package. Residents are then consulted and engaged through straw polls before the formal HIP poll is conducted. The average time taken between the award of an HIP contract to polling is about nine months,” it explained.

Residents are then given six weeks to select their desired HIP works. After which, contractors prepare the materials needed for the HIP project, which usually take around four months after polling.

The ministry, however, noted that the time taken to complete the HIP process differs from one project to another. In fact, they may not always fall within the above stated general time frames.

“For example, progress of projects is dependent on technical constraints on the ground and site-specific issues such as any affected underground services,” it said.

“Projects where the design proposal is more complex, especially where it involves features such as electrical upgrading works, can also take longer to complete.”


This article was edited by Denise Djong.


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