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It’s important to monitor your health and make better food choices when you’re older.  

Most retirees want to know what the future holds for them. Knowing your elemental sign can reveal a little of what’s to come. 

Derived from the last digit of your birth year, your element sheds some light on your personality. For example, if you were born in 1952, then you belong to the Water element. To find out which element you belong to, refer to the table below. 

Feng Shui element sign

Now that you know your corresponding element, let’s find out what it reveals about you.  

Metal element – Resilient and loyal  

Your desire to contribute to the community shall lead to getting involved in volunteer work. This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends while making a meaningful impact on society.  

You are generous with your wealth and will not hesitate to spend on family and friends. To you, it is money well spent if it makes your loved ones happy.  

Pay attention to respiratory and intestinal health. As you enjoy your golden years, remember to feast in moderation. If you smoke, limit tobacco use to reduce the likelihood of contracting respiratory issues.  

You are loyal and will lend a helping hand to those in need. As someone who stands for justice, you possess a candid personality which may cause friction in relationships, especially when a soft approach is needed.   

Water element – Adaptable and energetic  

Your retirement gives you time to pursue your passion for travel and exploration. As someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, staying at home for prolonged periods is not your cup of tea.  

You are resourceful and will seek opportunities to further your wealth. Trying your hand in investments appeals to you, but do seek professional counsel as you are prone to making decisions on a whim.  

Water element individuals should focus on their kidney health. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body. Eat less oily foods and exercise regularly to regulate cholesterol levels.   

Your relaxed and optimistic demeanour makes it easy for you to make friends. However, it is difficult to change your mindset once you have made up your mind. Do strive towards win-win situations for harmony.    

Wood element – Nurturing and inquisitive  

You have a keen interest in learning and will continue your pursuit of knowledge even though you are retired. Consider picking up new skills by signing up for enrichment courses such as IT and art workshops.   

Your practical and down-to-earth character sees you thinking twice before spending. While this is a good practice to adopt, it is healthy to spend on gatherings or travel to remain socially active.  

Liver health is of particular concern for those of the Wood element. Therefore, limit alcohol intake and consume more anti-inflammatory foods such as green vegetables, fish and whole grains.  

Your nurturing personality means that you will spend most of your time with your grandchildren. As you are likely to be high-principled, it is important to adopt a balanced approach when raising them.  

Fire element – Extroverted and passionate  

You are sociable and physically active, making it ideal to pursue sports during retirement. Not only will this allow you to meet like-minded people, regular exercise will also keep you in the pink of health.  

When the Fire element is overpowering in individuals, they are inclined to making impulsive decisions. If you are looking to make investments, research thoroughly before making a final decision. 

Cardiovascular health is one area you must pay attention to, especially in your golden years. Amid your busy social life, do make time for plenty of rest. Maintaining a balanced diet should be your top priority. 

Fire element individuals are a joy to be around. You will attract people with your enthusiasm and charisma. However, do refrain from getting involved in gossip as it can lead to misunderstandings.  

Earth element – Introspective and reliable  

As someone who relishes in indoor hobbies, break out of your comfort zone by going on hikes with friends. You will benefit from the physical exercise and maintain social bonds at the same time.  

Earth has storage and preservative qualities, which means that you are thrifty and likely to have accumulated lots of savings throughout the years.  You will consider thoroughly before making large investments.  

For people belonging to the Earth element, take note of stomach health. Besides including fibre-rich foods in your diet, have soup-based meals occasionally to allow your stomach to rest. 

Not one to make broken promises, you are known for your credibility. You will help others to the best of your abilities, making you a reliable friend. However, you can be overly sensitive so it is critical that you do not take things to heart. 

Knowing your destiny is half the battle won   

While your elemental sign reveals your personality, your bazi uncovers much more about you. A person’s bazi is determined based on their time, day, month and year of birth. This combination not only unveils one’s personal traits, but also decodes his or her destiny. Therefore, it is beneficial to have your bazi analysed by a Feng Shui master for a comprehensive understanding of self. Here’s wishing you a smooth sailing retirement life! 


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