10,000 BTO flats to get smart shower devices

Keshia Faculin10 Oct 2017

The smart shower device meant to provide households with real-time feedback on their water consumption. (Photo: Amphiro)

About 10,000 Build-to-Order (BTO) flats will be installed with smart shower devices starting in Q1 2018, announced the Public Utilities Board (PUB) on Monday (9 October).

These devices will provide households with real time feedback on their water consumption, enabling them to save water by adjusting their usage and helps in achieving Singapore’s water conservation goals.

“Showering typically comprises 29 percent of a household’s monthly water consumption.

“Our trials for smart shower devices with real-time feedback, amongst the first of its kind in Asia, showed that households can save up to 20 percent of their usage for showers,” said Michael Toh, PUB’s Director of Water Supply (Network).

In fact, an NUS-PUB behaviour study showed that the use of such devices can help conserve around five litres of water per person per day. Overall, this can help families save about three percent in their monthly water bill.

Pursuant to this, PUB has appointed two firms to supply and deliver smart shower devices, namely Amphiro AG as well as Smart and Blue. The former’s devices feature a panel display of real-time water consumption in numbers, while that for Smart and Blue utilises colour codes at the showerhead to indicate different consumption levels, with darker ones signifying greater water usage. Both companies’ devices also enable users to set their own water saving goals and lets them track their consumption history.


This article was edited by Keshia Faculin.


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