Diamond Island

View of the Diamond Island project, which is located on an island within the city.

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The combination of luxury accommodation and a beautiful natural setting have proven to be the main the selling points for the Diamond Island project in Ho Chi Minh City.

Singaporean investors demonstrated a strong level of interest in the Diamond Island project at PropertyGuru’s recent Emerging Markets Show, which was held in Singapore from 8 to 9 October.

The event proved to be highly popular, showcasing projects from various developers across the region and driving more than 400 prospective investors to look for opportunities in newer markets. At the event, Diamond Island in Ho Chi Minh City, drew keen interest from Singaporean buyers due to its exclusive location on an island within the Central Business District (CBD).

“Riverfront properties always have the highest values, and one that is close to the CBD is unique. It’s hard to find a location like Diamond Island,” said Yeong Cheng Toh, an investor who attended the event.

What makes Diamond Island a more secure investment is its endorsement by David Hum, a respected Feng Shui master from Singapore, confirming its positive attributes.

Living on an island has many advantages. The natural condition of an island offers fresh air and a beautiful landscape that no other projects can compete with. Another advantage of an island is its high level of privacy. For buyers coming from a stressful, fast-paced working environment like Singapore, “escaping” to an island and enjoying a private, tranquil and safe setting are what they are searching for.

Boasting the lowest construction density and highest amount of greenery of any project in the vicinity, Diamond Island has become a hit with Singaporean investors. Kusto Home, the developer of Diamond Island, dedicated 86.7 percent of the site for landscaping, increasing the density of greenery to 16 sq m per person, which is higher than other developed cities (10 to 14 sq m per person). “Our project targets savvy customers from Vietnam and other countries, so the quality we provide is very high and at a very competitive price,” said Sergey Nam, Deputy CEO of Kusto Home.

Designed for luxury living, Diamond Island is equipped with a private marina club serving up to 70 vessels, which has generated positive feedback from investors who are looking for a prized asset that will grow in value in future.

Due to strong interest in the project, Kusto Home is now hosting an exclusive private event in Singapore from 22 to 23 October at the Regent Hotel Singapore. Register now at bit.ly/diamondIsland for an invitation.

Authorised sellers in Singapore:

ERA Realty Network
Tommy Liu
Regional Director (Australia)
International Sales
Hotline: +65 8111 9226

PropNex Realty
Anson Tay, Head, International Market
at PropNex International
Hotline: +65 9388 9090

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