The number of fraud cases in the UK climbed 10 percent in the first half of 2011, driven mostly by mortgage borrowers who had failed to disclose previous addresses, in an attempt to hide their adverse credit histories.

According to the latest Fraudscape Bulletin from CIFAS, mortgage borrowers also often give false proof of income and incorrect employment details to their lenders.

CIFAS warned individuals against trying to defraud mortgage lenders, urging businesses to step up their awareness against such attempts.

It noted that this type of fraud, seen during the housing boom, was no longer being uncovered, as most fraud cases now indicate that individuals are struggling to meet lenders’ current requirements.

“These revelations are not new and this type of behaviour has been discussed in the past,” said John Malone, chairman of PMS.

“The CIFAS report does reflect what is happening therefore it’s a further timely reminder to all intermediaries that they must be on their guard even more so when dealing with clients that they’ve not had a previous relationship with.”

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