Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia are among Singaporean investors’ most preferred investment spots within Southeast Asia, said a new survey.

Of the 120 senior and middle managers polled at Singapore-based companies, 49 percent said that their firms planned to invest or grow investments in Vietnam over the next three years.

Malaysia came second, with 46 percent saying that they will invest there over the next three years, and 45 percent opting to do the same in Indonesia.

The least popular destinations were Laos, Brunei and Myanmar, with under 10 percent of the respondents selecting any of these three countries.

Cambodia was named by 11 percent, 16 percent cited the Philippines and 26 percent opted for Thailand as a possible investment destination.

The survey also found that Singapore firms are equally eager about investing in other Southeast Asian countries and China. When asked to select their preferred investment destination for the next three years, 37 percent chose China, while another 37 percent picked a Southeast Asian country.