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Aaron Chong
Hi Mr Lee, I'm afraid you may have to increase your budget in order to purchase a 1 bedroom unit at Caspian.

Ivan Ng
Hi Mr. Lee,

1 bedder at Caspian is priced higher than that, perhaps you might want to take up some loan financing? In addition to the cash you have, you should be able to get a decent sized unit there. Thanks and hope to assist further.

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Ivan ERA
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Benny Chng 莊義光
Dear Mr.Lee,
Tku for ur query! =) The prices u mentioned may be on a par with what the developer launched in 2009. Unfortunately for the past 3 years, very little/nothing has been transacted below $600k. It may not be advisable to over-stretch yourself financially given our global uncertainty. Invest in a good alternative condo unit within your means encourages more financial prudence…
Sincerely Yours,
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