A Closer Look at King Albert Park

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A Closer Look at King Albert Park
Located in the Bukit Timah Road area, the King Albert Park road and estate got its name after King Albert I of Belgium.
After it obtained its own MRT station in 2015, people around the western end of Bukit Timah gained easy access to the Downtown Line. Today, the King Albert Park area is still worth a visit even with its iconic 2-storey McDonalds long closed.
For example, you won’t have to venture too far to reach Old Bukit Timah Railway Station. Framed by trees and ferns, the railway is often visited by youths looking to take that picturesque shot for their social media handles.
A short distance away, at odds with the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station, is King Albert Park Mall.

About King Albert Park Mall

Along Clementi Road lies SIM Global Education and Ngee Ann Polytechnic. As the road opens up towards Bukit Timah Road, you will be able to find King Albert Park Mall, located diagonally opposite Bukit Timah Plaza.
King Albert Park Mall lies between Beauty World and King Albert Park MRT station, although walking over from King Albert Park MRT would be quicker.
Some of the stores that can be found in King Albert Park Mall include a variety of hipster cafes, restaurants, and an independent cinema.

McDonalds @ King Albert Park

In 2014, an announcement was made that devastated a small number of the population in Bukit Timah: the McDonalds Place headquarters in King Albert Park Mall, which had been standing since 1991, would close its doors for good. It was to make way for a new mixed development: KAP Residences Mall.
Many residents had fond memories of the McDonalds, which housed 433 seats over two stories, with 80 more seats outside. It was a popular haunt for students and families alike, who would hang out there to study and chat.
Nicknamed the ‘Hamburger University’, it was also where new McDonalds employees around the region would be sent for training.
This McDonalds had a special place in many people’s hearts, as the service there ‘felt different’. Employees would recognise repeat customers’ voices through the drive-through, and most of them knew each other on a first-name basis.

EagleWings Cinematics

King Albert Park Mall has its own independent cinema outlet.
EagleWings Cinematics is a boutique cinema located on the first floor of King Albert Park Mall that shows not only blockbuster films, but independent films as well. Their aim is to screen family-friendly movies that provide wholesome, educational, and spiritually uplifting messages.
Apart from their cinema, EagleWings also has a range of business offerings located within King Albert Park Mall:

EagleWings Loft

EagleWings Loft is an all-day cafe/bar that dabbles in both Eastern and Western cuisine. Their menu includes Italian and Indonesian cuisines, with the signature dish being the Lobster Risotto.

EagleWings Gelato & Gifts

EagleWings Gelato & Gifts specialises in gifts that are personalised and unique to the customer. They offer a large range of corporate gifts and hampers for purchase as well.


Hailing from Taiwan, CAMACA provides chocolate, gelato, and coffee that is completely handmade. What sets them apart from the other cafes is that their products are all sugar-free and diabetic-friendly.

Jomachi “Put on Love” & Y-Sneakers

Jomachi “Put on Love” is a fashion label that focuses on spiritually uplifting themes. Under their roof are three other brands: Blackmonc, Flesh Imp, and Y-Sneakers.

Unique cafes and stores

Many cafes and stores in King Albert Park Mall are seen as more ‘high-class’ compared to other neighbourhood malls in Singapore. Some of the more popular options are listed below, but you can check out a list of all the food options (under the F&B tag) here.

Royal Thai Boat Noodles & Bar

Besides tom yung goong and pad thai, one of the must-try street dishes in Thailand has made its way to Singapore. This common street food is usually paired with pork or beef, and you can top up your bowl to a regular sized one if the small bowls are insufficient.

Capri Trattoria & Pizzeria

This Italian restaurant celebrates its roots with dishes that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Singapore. One of their primed appetisers is the Burrata con prosciutto crudo, which consists of a big ball of burrata cheese surrounded by parma ham. Their lava cake is drizzled with liquor before being set aflame, melting the chocolate inside and adding a really theatrical experience to your dinner.

Kindred Folk

If you enjoy the simple waffles and ice cream, Kindred Folk is a place you cannot miss. They have options such as charcoal and red velvet waffles, both of which pair beautifully with their vanilla ice cream.

Residential properties near King Albert Park Mall

Mayfair Gardens is an upcoming development slated to complete in 2024 - PropertyGuru Singapore
Mayfair Gardens is an upcoming development slated to complete in 2024
With all the incredible service offerings in King Albert Park Mall, it can be easy to forget that the mall is actually a mixed development, with residential options available.
King Albert Park Residences is a great property to check out, especially if you rely on the Downtown Line to get to work. After all, the distance from King Albert Park Residences to either Beauty World MRT or King Albert Park MRT is only two bus stops away.
If you don’t fancy living above a shopping mall, why not check out Kismis Residences? This condominium is located a short bus ride away from Beauty World MRT, which still puts you within close range of King Albert Park Mall.
Another alternative could be Mayfair Gardens, an upcoming development located in between King Albert Park Mall and King Albert Park MRT station. This gives you the best of both worlds, as both amenities are but a short walk away.

What are the property prices like in and around the King Albert Park area?

Thinking of living in the King Albert Park Area?
If you’re looking at properties near King Albert Park MRT, prices ranges from $618,000 for this 3-bedder HDB at Toh Yi Drive, to $40 million for this Good Class Bungalow (GCB) in Yarwood avenue.
Looking at a 4-room HDB for your family that’s close to the King Albert Park area? These start at $760,000.
Talk about property prices
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